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from Glory to memories!!!

    • 1seednoir1
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 1,068
      2 or 3days ago i was having my best moments, going from 60$bankroll to 290$bankroll in 4h tourney. The second day i placed 7th(not the 1st place from the first day) and won 17.5$ to cover the money lost from cash games. Bankroll=299$. Everything was great, then i played the next day in 5$ re-buy games. It harms me a lot because in each one of them i stacked well, ready to go far in the tournament, even add on (because, i COULD afford it)... and lose before the money. Another factor of my loses was the number of entrance, if i remember the smallest was 600players (actually i wanted to play for BIG cash). So far total loses 40$ for 3of them!!! new BR=255$. I played "double or nothing" the earlier day where i cashed 3/4 of them. Side-effect; i lose 3/4 of them. this time i can swear it wasn't bad play or anything. Almost all the good hands i had didn't hit the flop well (from AQs through Aks... QQ twice... KK... AA).
      It's not about the betting process or somethin'... I even bet more than usual ( those people on tilt know what i mean--> when u got monsters u don't go easy on it). The pokertracker (only software that work on my computer) didn't work anymore, or else i'd of posted them. Still i remember the AA one. Check this out!!!
      5$ double or nothing-->first hand---> AA :D ---> Mister ME= UTG+2, first to act--> bet 225/1500chips--> all fold except BB---> I was happy to have a caller-->flop: 7-8-3 460chips--> I bet 300--> he call :D :D --> turn 9 (the flop texture didn't even offer a flush draw)--> i bet 300--> he call... flop 1660chips--> the river hit a 6... then i got scared to face a 10 still i didn't believe the 10 since his call made me think that he had over pair or top pair or even over cards, but didn't feel like he has a 10. Still i bet 200 to avoid a bluff from him----> his move was ALL-IN---> as i didn't believe on the 10 i paid him---->> guess what, I should of laid down n still had 600chips left--> this one guy had gutsss, so much of them, he was holding 53o... YEAh right 53OFF-SUIT... not 910o, 810s, 710s... i'd accept any of these hands but the 53o ruin my day!!!! I was going bad but it killed me on the second i saw his hand; on the same seat where 5mn ago i was happy from the tin though that i was gonna double though a Donk--->> the Donk double through me!!!

      All that just to say that even with reading, watching, listening our greats coaches, There are still some cruel guys ready to blow it all off. No need to say that from that time i was playing like the old days, blowing all my bankroll again. Sometimes to good players with better hands, Sometimes with miracles players that made miracles on every flop they play against me. :(
      Oh i forgot the fruit on the pie; went back to cash games where i was the Atm, giving 20$ to anyone that has the guts to call me with any 2cards.

      I even forgot to count, as i also forgot to win. new bankroll= 212$
      It's a cool number don't u think? 2... 1..... 2 yeah yeah snoop doo double G!!!

      PS: I post this blog to take it all out. At home i can't talk poker, they don't even know the rules :( ... they don't wanna know neither (Muslims don't play money they say!!!).
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