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Poker expats

    • ramabranch
      Joined: 06.01.2012 Posts: 340
      Hey there,

      I come from the spanish PS forum. Someone opened a thread there about this but didnt get much responses so I come here to see what you guys can say about this.

      When I was travelling in NZ last year I met this german guy that was an economist and went to Argentina in the early 00's and instead of getting a job as it was expected he started grinding for a living and found Argentina a great place for it due to the cheap living and the good dolar-peso exchange.

      He told me that he did that for a while and eventually gave up to change his life but some of his friends keep doing it nowdays in Medellin, Colombia (cheap as well).

      When I met this guy his story inspired me to give it a go and since then Ive been playing and learning.

      So anyone did this (go abroad to play for a living on a cheap and nice country) or knows about any one who is doing it? Which place would you pick to go and why? What you consider is more important about it? Do you think there is a special kind of game you should play or is just a matter of which stakes?

      Something I think could be cool is to share a flat with another poker players to improve your game and help each other all the time.


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