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hero sb 10-25bbs, we openraise & get called & miss the flop, now what?

    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      I have been encountering this spot very often lately and I wonder is the "standard" decision is the correct decision

      So we are in the sb, everyone folded and we make a raise to try steal the blinds. The bb calls us and we miss the flop. The standard play here is to cbet most flops to try and take the pot down.

      Now, what I seem to notice against regs is that villain usually makes a point to try and outplay us. I remember many situations where I cbet, get raised and I just really hate folding because it really looks like villain is making a move. If he had top pair, then he would just call in position hoping we will continue barreling. Another common situation is we cbet, get called and check the turn and villain makes a small bet and takes it down. While this is a more believable line, I also feel like I am getting floated and bluffed a lot of the time. However, it would seem way too spewy to just shove with nothing over their raise or barrel of our stack to calls.

      So, how about we take a completely new approach to this situation?

      We raise preflop, get called. On the flop, we check with our whole range and induce a bet which will often come from villain to just try and take the pot down. When we hit top pair or a draw, we raise (check-raise) and when we miss the flop we check fold and waste no more chips after our initial preflop steal attempt. When we have a weak pair we check/call and also check call our monsters to balance. We can also check raise some bluffs every now and then for balance too.

      (Now, just a reminder, this is for when we play against regs. From my memory, we can go on and cbet vs recreational players as they tend to play fit or fold so we get enough folds from them to just cbet)

      Thoughts on this idea?
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi there! :)

      Yep, there are several adjustments you can make if you have the feeling/reads they are doing this.

      Number one thing-just shove small pairs/Ax hands if villain is making a habit of flatting/floating a lot. Raise hands with more playability. Other option is to limp/shove according to his preflop tendencies.

      -you can either double/tripple barrel(when deeper) or just give up on cbets

      Think about it-what's the point of throwing a cbet if you expect to get raised off it or bluffed on a later street.

      -also start value betting thinner. Mid/third pairs f.e. Double barrel for value with these.
      F.e. we raise 77 19bb eff. deep and flop comes 4T4, we cbet-villain calls and turns comes an A(board is T4TA), my plan will be to check/ship Turn for value.
      f.e. we raise TT 15-20bb deep- I will value bet twice on Qxxxx board.

      So many things you can do-just try to think logically. That's what you should do.1 Cbet doesn't work, well ok then, either don't make one or double-tripple barrel. He flats too much-ok then. Don't raise hands that play bad postflop-like rag Ax or low pairs. Villain floats Ax board or 823 board. What does he rep? Not much. I will double/tripple barrel there all day long. First case, because he never has the Ax and we can rep it. Second case, because he prolly re-raises all his 8x, he never has a pocket pair, he never has 2x, 3x, so he is very float happy. Also, you can adjust your sizing bigger if he's really flatting a lot of crappy hands IP. Make him pay for his lite flats. Plus when you raise bigger pre, SPR is lower and it decreases the positional disadvantage.

      To sum it up-I will value bet lighter. I will still cbet good boards(Ax, paired or rigged boards) like the one mentioned above and avoid bluffing him on boards that are supposed to hit him. Raise hands with good playability like QJ, KQ, KTs, all the other broadway. A3s f.e. I will either open ship or limp/ship depending on his tendencies. Same applies to 56s f.e. or K6s.
    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      That's a very nice and detailed answer! :) Thanks!