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Should i continue poker?

    • vasu001
      Joined: 08.07.2011 Posts: 60
      I started playing poker more than 3 years ago.
      I switched to live poker 2 years ago, did considerably well, before losing a lot in a 3 month downswing, which bought me back to online poker.
      I have gone broke over 20 to 30 times online, and my bankroll never lasted more than 2-3 days, due to 0 bankroll management.

      I decided to play strictly again, 3 days back.
      deposited 20$ on fulltilt poker and started playing 5nl rush poker.
      i had only 4 buy ins to start with but i did well.
      Infact, i had unknowingly played over 5k hands in 3 days (i even became from nothing to a gold status )

      But after so many hands, after so many ups and downs, i broke even :/
      Im not used to multi tabling and playing so many hands.
      Is it normal that i just broke even after so many hands? Does it reflect anything on my skill?

      Someone please answer my questions, as i have really started to doubt myself :|
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    • Kairoc
      Joined: 14.01.2012 Posts: 15
      Read all the articles and follow bankroll management. Also it may be wise to lower the amount of tables so you can think out all of your options and process all the information instead of autopiloting. Micros are a time to learn, not to make money so don't worry about results as long as you are playing good. Id also recommend watching the coachings or posting in the hand evaluation forum to improve.
    • Necrophagist
      Joined: 02.05.2009 Posts: 132
      You seem to have mental game flaws. There are many ways you can work on fixing these leaks, and I would like you to remember that these leaks are all fixable with self-control practices and understanding.

      - Pokerstrategies mental game articles( if you aren't in the mood to read they have videoes as well ). Read the articles and re-evaluate yourself.

      - Buy The Mental Game of Poker. I have read this book and will be rereading it soon.
      It will help you with a lot of your mental game flaws, like BRM, and flaws in your thinking/life flaws.

      You need to be playing with more buy ins. A winning player can beat a game they are put in front of with a appropriate amount of buy-ins. Even the best players will struggle beating a limit with only 3 buy-ins, variance is real and it will destroy you if you don't understand it.

      You're a mental fish. You must accept this and be willing to improve.
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      skill-wise you're probably worse than you think. Most people overestimate their own skills. You need to accurately assess your own skill, then work on your game. Hard work will pay off eventually, and by hard work i mean working on your own game and not just mindlessly grinding away and clicking buttons.
    • spreeboy
      Joined: 06.09.2010 Posts: 223
      Poker is something that I love to do and is always be proud of doing. However, it is not something that I will recommend to everyone. I have taught a few people (friends and siblings) about the game and could say that I made them into a better player compared to plain recreational players. However, it is after a few weeks of playing that I could determine those who I think should stop playing and those who I think should continue. Of course, I think most of them should stop poker. There was this friend of mine who I think has the right mindset for the game but had chosen not to pursue poker.

      To last at poker for a long time and be a consistent winner, you should have the innate tendency of reflecting on your overall situation. This is something you should love to do even without a coach telling you to do so. I think I developed this attitude early when I got hook in playing video games.

      In the surface, you may look like someone who have a very strong tolerance towards losing because you busted your roll 20 to 30 times online. However, to be honest it seems like you don't care about your overall gameplan and improvement. I busted my roll twice only and its not because I am more gifted player than you but because I decided not to deposit unless I came up with a better overall gameplan. Obv, I could not afford a coach so I decided to "pokerstrategy" everything and then google the rest (those lessons that I couldn't watch as a bronzestar before).

      No amount of guidance and advice will help you unless you desired for yourself to stop donating money and be on the top few percentage of winning player. It is the desire to improve that separates winners and losers in this game. :)
    • mishajava
      Joined: 23.02.2010 Posts: 7
      poker is the one of the most difficult to play.
      in fact, there is no way to win without bankroll managment.
      how you play, this is just play.
      if you want to up the limits and play normal, you need to learn more about poker on this website. this is first step. then you can say, is this play for you or not.
    • dannywratten
      Joined: 11.05.2010 Posts: 1,462
      Originally posted by mishajava
      poker is the one of the most difficult to play.
      in fact, there is no way to win without bankroll managment.
      how you play, this is just play.
      if you want to up the limits and play normal, you need to learn more about poker on this website. this is first step. then you can say, is this play for you or not.
      After a lot of thought, i would like to say yes! This play is for me!
    • Walshnm
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 272
      Bankroll management is absolutely key so starting with 4BI is never going to be representative of our skill level nor is it a good start to a profitable exchange on any poker site.

      If for example you have gone broke 20-30 times in 3 years but each time you invested only 4BI or less it is much worse than if you had invested 10-15 BI each time.

      I would start tracking your play and once you have accumulated stats on over 20-50k hands you should have a better idea of your skill level in a representative way and, of course, take steps to improve your game based on this information.

      I would also add that the more you play the better your rakeback will be on FullTilt so its all good investment in terms or RB and if you are currently breaking even that good rakeback could make the diff between a winning or breakeven player :D