Please help me decide what is best.

    • DjolusVicenus
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      Now I am curently at pokerstars and there Igot around 1000$. Mine PS account is in corelation with pokerstrategy account. I have benifits only to accumulate VPP's and to gather more points on Pokerstrategy.

      Same account is connected to FullTiltAccount.

      I have solution to transfer founds there and continuo playing where I stoped. I get instant cash bonus, I get raceback and I dont have FUll tilt connected to POkerStrategy.

      And I get 600$ matching dollars bonus.

      Is it worth it to switch to full tillt till new year when I will go for a race to take next year supernova.

      Please help me. Ty DjolusVicenus
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey Djolus,

      Sounds like a good idea. It will certainly grow your roll quicker and then you can transfer back with a bigger roll and more chance to hit SN.
    • Itsnevereasy
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      In my opinion, it is not even remotely optimal to play stars (or FT?) with a $1,000 bankroll - I am assuming you play NL25? The reason being is that you pay 10-12bb/100 rake and rb is extremely important. The only viable reason I see for someone to play micro-stakes on PS is if he play 16-24 tables because PS is pretty much the only room for that. When you're able to reach SNE, it becomes an entirely different story though. :)