How much do you exploit a reg?

    • mordath
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 396
      Sometimes you find a weak reg that has some huge preflop leaks.
      Like foldto3% 90% over a large sample size or foldto4% the same.
      Should I just start 3betting them with ATC? I've been 3betting maybe 10% just a little bit more often with bluffhands when this reg (steals a lot and folds to 3bet alot). But should I do it a ton more since it's basically profitable regardless or is that just too obvious?

      I mean if a weaker player folds BB 80%+ should I just SB steal ATC? Lower my raise size to minraise?

      Basically how much should I exploit.. just max all the time until they adjust? Will that force a player to adjust or should I just be much more inclined to open up my range when 3% bluff, 4b % bluff, blind steal etc but not too much?
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