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Foxxxen's Road to Ruin

    • Foxxxen
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 3,428
      I have been playing poker for a while now, quite unsuccessfully. I think I could be a winning player, but feel I lack dicipline. Therefore, I decided to make a blog to get myself in line.

      About me:
      I won't bore you with a lot of detatils, but here's a summary:
      -I'm in my mid 20's.
      -Live with my girlfriend in Stockholm, Sweden.
      -Student of economics and software design with 1,5 years to go.
      -I like candle light dinners and long walks on the beach... :rolleyes:
      -Fixed Limit player. Play ~2000h per week now when summer break is over.

      My story:
      I started playing poker back during the boom after watching the wpt. I only played home-games with my friends, but not with real money. Safe to say, we had no clue what we where doing, but it was fun. There was no real thrill playing without any stakes though, so I headed online in search of som action. I was too much of a wimp to deposit any money though, so I played with play money. Forgot about poker for a while, but then came back and deposited $50. Played it up to around $150 on the FL micro-stakes. After that I became kind of bored with poker, but then I found this site claiming that you could make money from blackjack bonii. I was sold, and for a while I did nothing but whore the online blackjack tables. This became really monotone and boring though, and also the number and quality of the bonii deteriorated and I stopped playing.

      One day I was downloading some poker shows from a poker torrent tracker and I saw this ad for pokerstrategy. This was in december 07 and I decided to give poker another try. Since I had already made a few $$$ from blackjack bonuswhoring, I decided to use this money for my poker bankroll. I started of low though, playing SSS on the lowest limits to get a feel for the game. I did not like it though, so I switched to SNGs, but was only break-even after a couple of months. I then decided to go back to Fixed Limit, and started of with $1/2 FR, a decision supported by my bankroll but not by my skill level. I lacked the dicipline to move down though, so I kept on grinding and finally broke even. Full ring had no real action though, so I set my sight on SH at the beginning of summer and been playing it since on $1/2 and $2/4. I thought I was playing pretty well, but my bankroll said otherwise.

      The players at the site I usually play at seem to get worse the higher the limit, so yesterday I took a shot at $5/10, which isn't really supported by my bankroll. Well, I had a really good card streak, lots of AA, QQ, but needless to say, I lost them all to rivered twopairs. After 313 hands I was down $437, that's -14 BB/100. This woke me up a bit, and I decided to take action and correct my reckless play, alas this blog.

      I now have a decision to make:
      1. I take what's left of my bankroll and continue playing $1/2, probably loosing for a while, but it IS getting better, or at least that's what my tracker says, so I'm confident that at some point I will be a winning player :P
      2. I cash out my bankroll and then take the PS $50 (that I only recently received) and start over, playing the micro-limits really disciplined and gradually progressing (hopefully).

      I will make the decision right after I grind thorugh what's left of the bonus I am currently working on. After I decide, I will set up some short-term and long-term goals.

      This is where my story continues...

      -Foxxxen's FL videos

      Some graphs and stats:

      My overall road to ruin:

      The 5/10 session:

  • 3 replies
    • Kimber88
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 1,333
      Hey Foxxxen.

      Nice to see you start a blog. Hope you get all that loss back.

    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      -500BB is pretty sick ;x I hope you can win a bit now again :)
    • Foxxxen
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 3,428
      Have not had time to play poker for a couple of weeks now, busy busy. Played some today though, and finally cleared the bonus I have been working on. Even managed to plus some as well, finally!

      Also managed to get to the final table in two small MTTs, but I always seem to make the same mistake and get busted in 8th or so place... One of the tourneys was FL, and man what a crapshoot they are! Pure luck if you ask me. Maybe its not a good idea to 3-bet for a third of my stack and then c-bet flop and turn unimproved with AK when 2nd in chips... Busted two hands later in 6th.