Glopparama to everybody!!!!

    • Glopslart
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      This is the start of a shameless assault on the $50 bait offered for grinding 30 posts in September.

      By way of intro, I am veeery old, and one of my main leaks is falling asleep and losing my whole buy-in.

      Besides that I have the 'normal' noob leaks of overplaying AK and AQ :f_cry: .

      I used to play SNGs with moderate seriousness and success a few years back, but play them just for enjoyment these days [of course, winning is what I actually enjoy most].

      I am very grateful to PS for the $50 stack you started me with. I ran it all the way up to about $140, then ran it down to $8 [not the fault of SNG variance, but my delusions involving 7-stud].
      Watch me as I crawl up from the gutter - the target this month is gold status - let's see if I can hack it. I will be posting on the SNG forums, so you can all have a laugh.
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      Hey Glopslart!

      Welcome to then!

      I have seen you around the forum before and good luck in your quest to grind 30 posts although I hope there is no spam involved ;)

      Best of luck with SNGs, they are also my game of choice!