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3 Quick questions

    • 177272
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      I want to ask questions that others may want to know the answer to but not like to ask. I am not being lazy in any of this as I do try to find the answers my self first but either, can't, don't understand or am pretty sure you lovely people will have these answers on the top of your head:

      1. I find the method of placing SS graphs and the like laborious this is the way I do it

      Print screen,
      Paste into Paint,
      Amend or edit as required,
      Upload to photobucket,
      Post link here, what an arse ache

      Is there a better quicker way ?

      2. Any body know why HEM would have missing stats in game. I have had HEM 1 for year and have dusted it off to use it. I went onto their forum and got the latest downloads for it. But I get things like this showing up:

      Hands 85 VPIP 0 PFR 0 ? the guy has obviously played some hands so why no info on this villain yet other are showing as should be?

      Also do you think it is worth starting a thread where we post Various HUD stats and talk about interoperating them ?

      3. EV lines in HEM, PT and the like. Am I understanding this right? Firstly I know we should take little notice of it, but its there and I like to know what it means before I can totally dismiss it or converse on the subject. My understanding is that it basically shows that if things went as per the maths of the game you would have won X number of chips? So if lost 1.8 million as quoted in a blog on here you can say that you have been UL, and if the other way you are sucking out a lot and running good? Have I got this right?

      More to follow.


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    • Alan883
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      here is my little help. I hope you will find it at least a little helpful.

      1) You can use software for doing print screens. My favorite is ScreenShot Captor . There are still plant of other great software you can also try and then decide what is the best for you.

      In SC Captor you can also use external tools for direct upload to sites like ImageShack and you can instantly edit your pictures without pasting them into Pain....i mean Paint. . Give it a try and see. Maybe you will just need a bit of your time to setting up the program.

      2) I suggest you use our dedicated part of forum for Poker Software and ask there. There is user netsrak who will give you very best answers. HEM dedicated forum

      3) EV lines just show what is your Expected Value when you go all in before the river. So if you run much above EV line you were lucky when you were all in and if you run much below EV line you were unlucky when you were all in. Statistically in a long run Net Won line and EV line will be close to each other.


      You have 100 effective stack. You go all in on turn and your opponents calls. You are 80 % favorite.

      EV line will always be at 80 (you win 100) while if you win you are 20 above the EV line and if you loose (you loose 100) you are 180 below EV line.

      I hope it helps.
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      Thank you very much Alan!

      Could not have answered it better myself :)
    • 177272
      Joined: 29.07.2013 Posts: 650
      Ty sir :)
    • thazar
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      you know that in HEM you can get the graph directly by:

      HEM1: right click and save
      HEM2: option => save graph
    • RasTweet
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      Thanks Alan :f_love:

      And thazar :f_love: bit less love for you because you beat me to it :P

      177272 it looks like you're using windows 7? My windows 7 has a software integrated for screenshots. It's called "snipping tool". AFAIK not all windows 7 computers have this for some weird reason. But you can always take a look.


    • 177272
      Joined: 29.07.2013 Posts: 650
      Thanks will have a look