Report of the 1st Mansion poker, PS players tournament!!!

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      With all the votes i was thinking that there will be alot of players playing. Finally only 8persons show up.

      Well before here i wasn't screenshoting... and i forgot the screenname of the second player out ( i was first to get kicked out). I hope someone will provide me with the hand history of the first hands.
      For now here r the ones i caught:

      - The first one ... with nothing really special

      - In the second one, we can see Maner9 moving all in on Andymorales preflop raise. Most importantly i wanted to catch the prize pool

      - In this one Matt_mattiks KJo met Maner9 A8o in a dry flop giving advantage to Maner9

      -This is where i got distracted n miss the screenshot, so i just took the hand.
      I don't know what Sidspt had

      - The fifth image showed how Maner9 gave half his chips to Dippy the Mod. for charlespet last hand i missed it. Anyway thanks to him for doing his best to play the tourney. Hope he'll make it next time

      - i don't need to comment. AAA gives Maner9 a way to the "Grande porte". and Andymorales almost chips leader all the duration of the tourney is not ready to let it go.


      - The last hand felt like "The last hand" on the flop. After Our Mod made a move(all-in) on the flop. Our winner Said... "look"!!! At that time i felt a call.
      i get ready for the screenshot, he called. The river power decided it was the end. Happy end??? yeah i think!!!

      Congratz Andymorales. and see you next week!!!!
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