WCOOP Steps, From 1 to 6, my story.

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      Hey, its been a while since I posted on the forum.

      I was a casual NL25 (sometime NL50) player, 9 tabling at pokerstars a while ago. Unfortunately I lost my job and I had to withdraw my bankroll :(

      Now that I have a new job I deposited 50$ of my cash to pokerstars September 1st. After 2 week my bankroll was 270$ grinding NL10 and moving to NL25 when my bankroll was about 200$ (I know that this aint a good bankroll for NL25, but most of my past winning were at NL25 and I feel more comfortable).

      I have about 15.62BB/100 on NL10 (2500hands)
      I have about 17.55BB/100 on NL10 (4000hands)

      So heres the main story

      I was 9 tabling NL25 cash game when my FPP reached about 800. I decided to try and buy-in into STEP 1 of WCOOP for 500FPP (cash its 7.50$).

      I play the sattellite and I manage to win it. so there it goes.

      STEP 1 (win)------> STEP 2 (win) -------> STEP 3 (win) ------->STEP 4 (win)

      All in a row. after this I decided to take a short break

      STEP 5 (win) (which is worth 700$)

      STEP 6 (in progress) (worth 2100$ of entry fee)-------> in progress





      Thats it. I finished 5 out of 9 for 1200USD$. I was pretty much card dead, although I picked up AA once, nobody bite.

      Some player in the tourney are STEP SnG expert.


      Those are all player that I know of that play STEP 5-6 all day long.
      I had the choice to either wait for later or play it now. I felt I was in a good mood now and took my chances.

      SHIPP ITT got the chip lead after the first break and was giving alot of pressure, All-in raises preflop.

      Finally I went out when I raised all-in preflop with 99 and got called with K5o (I still had about 2/3 of the caller chip stack). we still had about 12 BB each (so as everyone but SHIPP IT). well, the dude hit is K on the flop, what can I say.

      I was fortunate enough to win every step whitout backing down once.

      Now im will had my winning to my existing bankroll and move to NL50. I have already played this limit so I know im ready. Only 500$ more to move to NL100, if I fell confortable.

      I hope you like the read, thank you to pokerstrategy.com who gave me my first deposit at FTP and some awesome videos/articles.

      See Ya at the table!!!

      (My english is bad , I know)
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