45 Man Turbo Hand Analysis Tools?

    • is0l8
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      I've recently started playing 45 man turbos. I've been going through hands on universal replayer and considering things I could've done better. However, on some situations I get a bit stuck and I'm not sure what to do...

      I've read a little bit about icm and try to put my opponents on calling/shoving ranges - this brought me to sit and go wiz. I have used the free trial, but don't want to spend $99 on it just yet...

      Is there ANYTHING out there that I can use? Before you say it, I have used the ICM Trainer and I think it's all right, but I can't put my own hands on to review (despite the menu suggesting I can) and I can't assign opponents calling/shoving ranges. Although there is an option to SHOW these, I understand.

      I've started to use the equilab, but I'm REALLY not sure HOW to use it? How can I get the most out of this software, bearing in mind the format I play?

      Also, if you have any other suggestions for post game analysis, please let me know!

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