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z0fman's blog - Mtts and sngs - The road to going pro!!!

    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      Hey guys just thought id start a blog... not sure how often ill update but will try to... anyway i will post the intro stuff from a previous blog i had and then take it from there:
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    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135

      Hi guys,

      Im a student from greece trying to make some extra income from poker and if i get good at this game hope to go fulltime pro. I ve been playing poker for a while previously but with not much success. The past 10 months or so however ive decided to become mtt pro (yay ). I ve been studying alot doing regular hh reviews and taking part in skype poker groups. I m playing almost every day grinding for many hours. I started last june I was playing plo at the time and apparently i sucked at it . So i was almost busto but then randomly decided to reg a 3.5 rebuy 180 on stars. A couple hours later boom 500$ in my stars account. Then I knew tournament poker was the way to go for me haha.

      Anyway I started watching mtt vids studying hhs doing reviews etc and talking to many ppl on skype. I started by playing mtts mostly but as we all know the swings can be huge and I didnt rlly have the roll for it. So those past months were a constant cycle of depositing...spinning it up...then downswinging..then up again...Had to withdraw a couple of times due to real life reasons as well so that kinda hindered my progress. You know greece crisis and all that.

      The past like 3 months though things have started looking better. I had withdrawn all my previous roll had taken a small break from poker for 1 month. Then deposited like 400$ or so...played some 2.5 180s which i have grinded alot of....made like 1.5k. that was around easter. Then put the roll to euro sites and hit a small upswing. Grinded every day made $ every day it was such a nice feeling . Then i got 2nd in the hot22 end of june. Which i had btw final tabled before like last september but back then i had spent the $ travelling. This time however i know better so i just added that to my bankroll.

      Anyway the plan for me now is to grind mtts and sngs on stars. Sngs i mostly like 180s. Mtts i play like everything reg speeds turbos hypers.
      And play some mtts on soft euro sites aswell. At the time of writing winnings r like a bit above 10k$ total. And the roll is about 7k$. I applied for the mentorship program too so I hope after that the winnings and the graph will go straight up

      Im gonna finish this with a pic from my hm2:
    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      Beginning of September

      Getting out of my downswing and moving forward... excited for WCOOP!!!

      Ok here I am...its like 7.30am I ve been up all night as usual...went out for a bit then played a session...

      June was a pretty good month and in July I was hoping the rungood would continue...but alas it wasnt meant to I had like my biggest downswing yet.... after binking a quick 1k to start things off in July...i proceeded to drop like almost 3k total...that may sound alot to some of u or it may sound like not too much...idk...but it certainly is a considerable sum for me who had been playing only micro and small stakes mtts up till recently for the most part...

      Anyway, thankfully after the previous upswing I had enough of a roll to keep going... It all started with dropping like 1.5k or so in the euro sites Ive been playing on...but 1.5k aint that much when ur playing up to 50euro buyins i guess...then I decided I d try the 180s to make that $ back...always when I was running bad in the past I d move back to the 180s and recoup my losses... I ll always love 180s cause I think they r great bankroll builders...only bad thing is there is a ceiling to how much u can make in them....cant like become rich anytime soon from those...and its a big in day out...need to put in tons of volume in them...nature of the games...very high variance...thinner edges cause of all the regs multitabling mindlessly... Anyway i said I got a decent size roll I should grind like 3rebuys 8s and 15s...u know bink a 15 or 2...and get out of the mini downswing quickly...

      I hadnt rlly played 15s or higher in the past though...and def wasnt ready mentally for the how much $ u got on stars cashier...and how much $ u feel comfortable playing with and risking are not always the same... I also tried to grind some 18mans too... Thas was pretty stupid of me overall especially the fact that i jumped in 15 and 30$ 18s without having done any study of the games lol... 18s are so different... play so much nittier... and all the icm concerns... very different overall from 180s that i was used to grinding... so in like 1 day i dropped another 1k$... def wasnt happy bout it lol...

      Then I grinded 180s...couple turbo mtts...some other times played mtts on sites other than stars...for most part running horribly overall and being like 2.5k-3k down from my highest point.. Also u know July-August its too hot here in Greece... cant focus much on the grind... So I was demotivated and kinda lazy...

      I decided to like try and grind hypers and saw im doing ok in them...obv need like tons of study still... but anyway i dno if its rungood or playing well... prob a mix of both... Been working harder on my game cause u know when u downswing u start questioning urself...and doing more and more reviews etc... both reviewing my own games/hands... and watching like 2-3 poker vids/day... Anyway, long story short, I ve made back most of my previous losses.... almost out of the downswing... and now feeling motivated again to grind more and more... and become a better poker player... If things keep going well, I m excited for wcoop. Havent played such a big series yet... will have to be careful not to spend too much in buyins cause i aint selling and got like 100% of my own action... But hopefully I ll be able to play most of the 215$ events and make something happen... Reach the big breakthrough I ve been waiting for!

      Thats all for now. I hope its not too big of a at the tables boys
    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      Ok to finish this off for now:

      I ve been playing midstakes hypers lately. Pretty much studying totally on m own and trying... Have been getting ok results so far. Well ev line hovers around 0 but tbh in those games the regs are getting like <1% roi so even 0 or 0.5% is good. And thats all pre rakeback obv. Had been playing mostly on other sites than stars... euro sites playing midstakes mtts for the most part of the year. I will obv continue to do that as i did ok in them. But also continue studying and trying the 6max hypers. I made platinumstar the last 2 months. Hopefully I can make a run for supernova by end of the year but Im too lazy overall and thats a problem. :p Also make diamond on pokerstrategy for the 1st time ever this month. :heart: Hopefully I can do it this month.

      ^This is the graph from midstakes hypers so far.
      Obv im still learning the game and trying to improve and still need alot of study. Have been playin a few mtts too as always but nothing too interesting lately (no big binks :( ).

      Anyway im super pumped for wcoop will play like at least 10 events i hope. I ll take it easy tbh and see how it goes. Will play most of the mixed games stuff and all the nl 109 and 215s hopefully. Still havent decided if I ll sell any action or do it totally own dime as that could potentally get expensive. But whatever, gotta be in it to win it!!!

      Anyway gonna sign off for now and hopefully next update will be of a deep wcoop run!

      gl at the tables
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey z0fman

      Looks like poker has been pretty up and down for you in the past couple months. Some of those losses seem pretty massive to me I don't know if I have the capacity to lose 3k and keep my wits about me but it seems you are made from a different cloth. Hope the WCOOP goes well and you get some good cashes
    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      well i can just keep playing low stakes like my first graph shows with little variance but making little $ also... or i can take some shots and hope to win big money... yea i know what u mean but u get kinda used to the swings... the swingy graph was my hypers graph... well if u try and play midstakes hypers those swings r to be expected i guess.... anyway i have been tryin to limit the variance a little bit so will not be playing any hypers >60$... in the lower ones in the sample ive got so far im beating them so I ll keep playing and studying them... Also Ive played a bunch of wcoops so far (like 5 events) and ran pretty bad in them... only in yesterdays event the 320 6max shootout i made it kinda deep in the money... got 79th/1296 entrants... it was a shootout and the 1st table i dominated it despite it having high stakes cash game pros... well i let them go to war with each other and 4bet/5bet click-it-back wars etc... and just picked my spots... the 2nd table i was kinda quiet picking up few small pots chipping up nicely.... and made it to the headsup... then i would ve gonne to the 3rd table if i had won and it was essentially about 2k difference in the cash.... but the other guy i was against was a total maniac very loose aggressive and he had a huge chiplead he had basically knocked out all the other ppl at the table lol... i tried to make a comeback and win it but when we were even in chips i got rivered in a big pot:

      PokerStars Hand #103907916874: Tournament #2013090005, $300+$20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Match Round II, Level V (60/120) - 2013/09/10 2:40:30 EET [2013/09/09 19:40:30 ET]
      Table '2013090005 27' 6-max Seat #3 is the button
      Seat 3: z0fman (10966 in chips)
      Seat 4: cashqueen88 (19034 in chips)
      z0fman: posts the ante 15
      cashqueen88: posts the ante 15
      z0fman: posts small blind 60
      cashqueen88: posts big blind 120
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to z0fman [6s Ks]
      z0fman: raises 120 to 240
      cashqueen88: raises 360 to 600
      z0fman: calls 360
      *** FLOP *** [Kd 5d 9d]
      cashqueen88: bets 765
      z0fman: calls 765
      *** TURN *** [Kd 5d 9d] [Kc]
      cashqueen88: bets 1176
      z0fman: raises 1499 to 2675
      cashqueen88: calls 1499
      *** RIVER *** [Kd 5d 9d Kc] [2d]
      cashqueen88: bets 1588
      z0fman: calls 1588
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      cashqueen88: shows [Td Jc] (a flush, King high)
      z0fman: mucks hand
      cashqueen88 collected 11286 from pot
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 11286 | Rake 0
      Board [Kd 5d 9d Kc 2d]
      Seat 3: z0fman (button) (small blind) mucked [6s Ks]
      Seat 4: cashqueen88 (big blind) showed [Td Jc] and won (11286) with a flush, King high

      after that i was just too short and getting hands that all had a deuce in them certainly didnt help lol... for like a while all i got was 62o... 42o...32o..72o...all those hands one after the other... and when ur <20bbs deep and vs an opponent who doesnt rlly fold at all... cant do anything... so eventually i had to get it in and he won and that was it... was a good run all my friends sweating me etc but still i hope in another event i can make it even deeper... anyway that s it for now I ll just keep regging till I win!!! :)
      gla on the tables
    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      weee just made diamond status for the first time ever :s_cool:

      haha now just need to bink something so I can save the month.

      Its been pretty brutal thus far... have played a bunch of wcoops like 10 events id say and got coolered in like most of them... still made 2 deep runs i think but nothing too interesting meaning no huge scores... obv with the fields that those events get that r huge variance is gonna be ridiculous i know and like 10 games is nothing... so whatever.... have decided to cut down on the nl events i m gonna play for the rest of the series though to lower the variance...
      Still gonna play a bunch of mixed game events cause i think my edge in those is quite big compared to the rest of the field... I mean some ppl just reg those events cause its a wcoop and have little experience with some of those games. Made a deep run in the stud8 event which is my favorite non-holdem game and got like 36th or so out of 500 ppl... but towards the end cause its limit and ppl dont bust as easily or quickly... everyone gets short... and i had a period of getting no good cards... so had to get it in and unfortunatly bricked and he made a pair of 4s on the river with an awful starting hand lol... so busto in that one...

      Anyway i ve had deep runs in general but no big scores... just losing flips or getting beats when in the money... but whatever have prob played like <300 mtts this month so obv its not like a big sample or anything... as far as the hypers go ive dropped the higher stuff like the 74s and 60s...cause tbh if ur not sne or going for sne on pokerstars their aint any value in playing them... the games are reg-infested... like out of 6ppl 4-5 will be sne or supernova going for sne... so gonna focus on the lower range of buyins for now but still running kinda bad so far... a few k under ev... sigh... guess thats like standard... and i need to grind through it...

      anyway thats all for now lets hope by next update i will have won something big... gl everybody