[NL20-NL50] AA played wrong?

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      Just want some input on how I played this hand, the villain is extremely loose player that has a wide range of hands. They've folded every pre-flop raise I threw at them until this.....
      I put him om AK or KQ

      Titan Poker 0.20/0.40, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button hero ($19.80)
      SB Jake476 ($21.89)
      BB UmaRth ($6.46)
      UTG 0000ALL000 ($10.67)
      UTG+1 K4RDOX ($18.00)
      MP thehaox ($11.70)
      MP HelenjAAA ($21.12)
      MP Quadmining ($25.42)
      CO-1 Pokernetbr ($20.50)
      CO zigzag00 ($3.20)

      Preflop: , 0000ALL000 calls 0.20, 4 folds, Pokernetbr raises to 1.20, 1 fold, fargindonkeys raises to 2.20, 3 folds, Pokernetbr calls 1.00.

      Flop (4.90) K:heart: K:club: 8:club:
      Pokernetbr bets 4.90, 1 fold

      Hero folded A:heart: A:spade:

      Hero wins 9.80 with Two pair, Aces and Kings with a Eight for a kicker
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