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      A while ago I was watching a documentary on Nat Geo or Discovery where they were talking about the concept of now and that it is not the same for everybody. They looked at time like a loaf of bread and gave an example of a person on Earth and some alien in some distant galaxy. If they were both still, they would both share the same moments as present an time bread would be cut in a straight line. But if the alien started moving away from us, his present would be our past and time bread would be cut diagonally. And if he would start moving toward us, time bread would be cut diagonally in the opposite direction, his present would be our future, which means that future is pre-determined. I hope you understand what I was trying to explain, I had some problems explaining this to my friends and when I tried to find the documentary I didn't know which key words to use. Anybody knows which documentary I'm talking about?
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      Hey wizo656

      I don't know what documentary you are talking about but is it about parrallel universes? Might be able to find it by searching that?


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      Try searching for Spacetime and General Theory of Relativity documentaries. I used to be very interested in stuff like that, but I do not remember much about it. The only thing I know for sure is that theres the Arrow of Time law, or something like that, that says that the time dilations can only present themselves while going forward (to the future) and never to past.

      There is an interesting experiment on Time Dilation of some guy that gravitated around the earth for some time while carrying a clock, and, due to the speed of his travelling, the time did not go as fast for him as it did for us on earth, as could be seen on his clock.

      That scene on superman movie that he flew around the earth in the opposite direction of earth's rotation is based on the GTR and Time Dilation, but of course, it is incorrect, since you cannot go back in time, due to the Arrow of Time law.

      That stuff about hyperspace used in some sci-fi movies also has some basis on theorectical physics. Something about bending the spacetime, plus the time dilation would make time go way slower for someone going as fast as (or faster) than light speed.

      If I said any bulls*it feel free to correct me. I find those things weird and fun.