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    • narefa13
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      The dynamics of playing shorthanded are fundamentally different from playing full ring.
      ok. but u mean the starting hand chartin full ring table is not usefull for shorthanded tables?
      if yes, how can i access to starting hand chart for short handed tables?
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    • DrDunne
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      Hey there narefa13!

      I wouldn't say that it is not useful, however FR does play a little different to SH. As you may or may not know, UTG in a SH game is actually something like MP2, then you have MP3, then CO and then BU and blinds. In other words, in a SH game the first 3 positions are removed. This means 2 things
      1) the blinds come around faster
      2) people open wider to steal the blinds more often

      The SH open raising chart is available only to bronze+ members, so since you are basic this means you can't view it yet. If you are interested in unlocking more strategy content and improving your game then check out our free poker money offers! Or if you would like to deposit yourself and start playing, then you should strongly consider signing up to one of our partner rooms - when you sign up to one of these sites through our links, you will instantly be upgraded to bronze status where you have access to more content, and you'll also get a nice first-deposit bonus :) definitely worthwhile!

      As for your question about using the fullring chart... I wouldn't recommend it. The whole point of starting hands charts are so that beginners get a feel for the type of hands they should play and how tight they need to be, however if you play too tight then you will lose money as well - maybe not as quickly as playing too loose, but it is not a great idea. So it wouldn't be a great idea to follow the fullring chart given that fullring games are much tighter overall than SH.

      I hope that helps!
    • RasTweet
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      Hey narefa13!

      Lewis already said that there is a open raising chart for SH in the bronze articles. I did use the SHC (starting hands chart) the first time that I played a SH game. In the micro's it's not to bad but if you are going to play nl50+ it's just going to be to tight. I think I played 16/14 or something with the chart.

      Best regards

    • VorpalF2F
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      In case no-one mentioned it before...
      If you have a look at Equilab you will find a selection of open raising charts in it.

      You may find one or more you like.

      When you click the button to enter your hand range, on the right-hand side are a number of pre-defined ranges.

      Best of luck,