switching from 1-2 to 2-4

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    • Yoghi
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      If you feel comfortable playing 2/4 and you have the BR for it just go go go. If it doesn´t work just move back quickly.
    • opal99
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      I was going to tell you to play a little bit more hands, but then realized you did 15k in that week :)
      tbh; there's never the best time to move up the limits. If you feel comfortable with current limit and you know you can beat it anytime, go for it! But, I really think you're on very nice upswing (-> 4BB/100 hands is not "just small upswing"), so be careful. Make sure you're able to move down if things go bad (you know; there's upswing after each downswing, but there's downswing after upswing too ;) ).

      Good luck
    • ciRith
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      Hi Brozac,

      nice effort. Keep it up.

      Well I can't say much more but don't be to worried if 2/4$ won't work that well as you had a upswing at 1/2$ so it's not clear if you beat the limit yet. So if you drop a lot then go down according top your BRM. :)

      You are a bit too aggressive at the river. (Which may be because of the upswing as well.) The rest is fine and probably sample size based not that correct yet.
    • G1lius
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      damn... 14k hands in 1 week... I'm playing 3.5 months and I have 25k at most...

      Anyway: just move up and prepare to move down when it's needed.
    • redskwerl
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      how many tables do you play?

      also i wish i ran that well :) but still gg, nice
    • Brozac
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      i usually play 4/5 tables at same time. less then that i got so bored that i start to play bad lol and by the way already tried 2-4 won 160 in 3/4 hours i think i can do better but not bad for first time.
    • danielasso
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      Good Work ! ;)

      My opinion is you are too much aggressive on the turn & river... maybe you were in good upswing and you had many nuts :P

      I think you are playing a little bit of more hands ( 31% VPIP is high )

      Good Luck for level-up ;)