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Correct calling range in turbos

    • exculibrus
      Joined: 24.01.2013 Posts: 202

      I just started working with SNG Wizard and HM2 so I have few questions.
      First I wonder about this spot. I known my hand is normally marginal in this spot (little under or maybe over EV+) but I called this after I've seen the notes:


      So in my analyze I set MaksiM 016 open range 30% and calling range (after my push) 6% - 88+, AJs+, AQ+; Bibihan555 pushing range 8% (66+, AT+, A9s+). I don't have stats for them (only 15-20 hands).

      Wizzard show my fold with 100 chips edge and push with DiffC 53.

      Now I wonder about three ideas:
      -is that really good spot? Can I found better spots? Isn't it too agressive and fold is better because variance will be too big specially my ROI probly will be no better by taking this kind of spots,
      -should I exclude from Bib pushing range hands like AA and KK? If so it makes my DiffC 225 chips. Can I include in his range hands like 55-99?
      -most important, am I thinking in right way? Maybe Bib will play in this wired for him way only with AK and TT-JJ?

      BTW I'm kind of new in posting english threads so if I make big mistakes or it's hard to read just write me about it and I will try change this ;)
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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,180
      Hey exculibrus =)

      Your thread (as well as your english) is just fine.

      Since I don't work with NoteCaddy and never really did, I don't know anything about the program or the notes it takes.

      As far as I can see there is no note regarding his preflop play. There are only several notes about him limping and playing funny afterwards. However, that is not the case here. Not sure which notes you based your call on. Did I overlook something?

      His normal stats should be more helpful to determine wether a call makes sense or not (even if it is only 20 hands - the notes are based on these hands as well).

      Regarding the second guy (Maksim) I don't see any reliable reads as well. Again: Normal stats would be preferable. 30% opening range from early position seems fairly optimistic though.

      Let's get to your ideas:
      - I would personally not make that call if your ranges are accurate. It is boarderline anyways and there are two players left to act behind you. In the end it's a gambling spot that I am not willing to take that early in a tournament (there are not even antes yet).
      Your stack is good enough to wait for better spots to come.

      - Imo you can't just exclude the top of his range. At least not entirely. It might make sense to discount KK+, but afaik that is not possible with SNG Wizard. Therefore I would leave it there, as long as I have no reads that suggest him playing them different. For the same reason I would exclude 55-99, as long as we don't have a read that he might be as loose.

      In the end it's hard to tell what his exact range is, since he is quite deep (M = 13). I would make a note about his play and adapt to it in the future, but I wouldn't make the call in that spot, without further reads on your opponent.

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

    • exculibrus
      Joined: 24.01.2013 Posts: 202
      Thank you for help, it helps me.