Rakeback questions

    • silent21
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      Hello guys,

      i have cleared my bonus. i really play too much poker last week. I've made 2k FTP points. Can some1 tell me how rakeback is calculated?

      note. i have cleared the bonus and after this i made 2k points, i have not purchased from the FTP shop nor i have used FTP points for buyins

      Thank you
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    • teslasecretweapon
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      It depands on your collected net rake.
      For 1$ net rake you have received 2 PS points.
      Based on that you calculete your rakeback like this:
      (Your collected pokerstratey points that week)/2*0.27

      you can calculete it now correctly, but I would say that you will receive about 70$ rakeback (if you made all 2k FTP last week)