Gday Mate(s)!

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      Hello everyone!
      My name is Aaron, I am 20 years old and live in Western Australia. I have been playing online poker for about 3 years but with very minimum volume. I had never played seriously though, and got sick of losing my BR countless times on random cash tables after tilting on a $5 sng.... lol

      I have decided to give it a real shot finally, going to be playing mtts on fulltilt 1-5$ buyins mainly with also some satellites to bigger events and then cashout tickets for T$, and see where i go from there! Hoping to improve my game enormously with all the videos and help from all of you guys! :)
      Would love any poker book suggestions too!

      Hoping to start a blog to keep me motivated with my goals at some stage in the near future.
      Thanks! :D
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