Money out without 2.95% of change ?

    • danyway
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      Is someone know a wait to do à Money out from neteller, to a bank account without the extra change fées of 2.95%, just the 10 USD dollars. Of fées.

      In my case i have a Swiss bank account in USD and neteler want to manage the change before doping the bank transfert. I m not able to do à Money out in USD to my Swiss bank account, neteller want to do à Money out on Swiss franc for the can Apple the change + 2.95%

      I m searching a solution do be able the do à Money out With the less fées has possible.

      I m thinking about an ewallet solution for i can use neteller to find anthere neteller Like or poker site maybe from where i can manage to do à bank transfert With a Fix fee( 10 - 15 $).

      Thank you for your help
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    • lnternet
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      I recommend not cashing out from Neteller to a foreign bank account ever, the 2.95% is too much.

      You should try and find a site that cashes out to your bank account for free. PokerStars, or some other big poker room, may do it. So if you can, just cash out from a site, and deposit with Neteller to refill your bankroll.

      Otherwise try to find a trade partner. Maybe you have a poker friend in your city who can take your Neteller USD and can hand you cash Francs. The bigger your web of poker contacts the better are your chances.