New start - 6max sng's @pokerstars

    • broodjkaas
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      Hello everyone,

      After a quite long break from poker I've decided to start again at the 7$ sng's at Pokerstars. I've actually never played winning poker at Pokerstars, since I've only played there when I just started, so I hope I'm not to traumatized :D .

      I consider myself a fairly experienced micro stakes sng player, but I'm hoping I can finally push through to the midstakes. My goal is to be a regular at a competitive instruction site (sorry pokerstrategy :( ) And I'll hope this will bring my game to the next lvl.

      I've deposited about 100 buy ins (670 something) and I've already played a week or so. My plan is to start mixing in some 15's when(/if) I'll reach 100 buy ins for the next limit.

      Ill update this blog as much as I can with graphs and hands :)

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