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ICM and fold equity.

    • sgaf
      Joined: 07.12.2007 Posts: 146
      I play free live poker at a pub every week, and the players there are almost all loose passive/aggressive. When it gets to push or fold time, I find my pushes being called about %60-70 of the time, often by more than one player, often with trash, and I often lose to a suck out.

      So my question:

      Is ICM still effective without fold equity??
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    • miskokvo
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,502
      main thing of ICM is fold equity ... you should play in pub for fun not to make money or some showing skill :)
      ICM play is good for online poker..especialy for multitabeling .. when u making so much hands/games that edge of 10% wining (60win...40lose) means nice profit ...this is hard to make in live game at low stakes...(at pub probably there is no such blinds level)

      im at univerisity and we very often playing 1$ live SNG 6-9people with friends... many time when i raise with AA more than 4-8BB get called more than 4 players so u can play there only for fun.... and of course i play very very loose compere of my internet play when im playing 6x11$sng :) ...

      nice chapter of this was in the book of Holdem Brain :)

      anyway probably yours opponents are very bad :) when i was starting poker with my friends playing friendly 1$ sng... cards like QT JQ KJ AT A7 33 55 88 TT Q9 QT Q7 K2 and my favorite T5 were monsters :) :D :D :D

      T5 was the best coz i was thinking that if will be flop low i can catch 5 or straight with 5 ... if will be high i can catch T or brodway straight :D pretty clever isnt it? :D :D

      (((im deaply sorry for my bad english)))