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Some questions

    • Summoner88
      Joined: 24.04.2013 Posts: 4
      hello , i tend to play ms on zoom but i dont understand some basic things correctly , my questions:

      1. When we 3-bet 88 against a late position opener without reads on him , do we stack off if no overcards show up on the flop even if the villain reraise our cbet?

      2. micro lvl zoom is infested with very persistent floaters , double floating or float cbets on 3-bet pots is standar for them , i basically think they are the new calling stations , their floating tendecies are insane and i tend to lose a lot of small pots against them which ruins my winrate... , would it be fine if i played a hit or fold strategy against them even on 3-bet pots? lets say i 3-bet AJo against a floater , would it be profitable if i only cbet the pot when i hit? would this be a profitable strategy against an unknown opponent? if thats wrong then how i should adjust against them?

      3. is it profitable to call a raise with a hand like AQo or AKo but continue with it only when you hit? do i exploit a loose player by calling him with hands like AJo and play them in a hit or fold way? i ask this because i see a lot of people recommend flatting when they are unsure but are these people have a floating/reraising plan on the flop even when they dont hit? or is it profitable to call no matter what?

      4. is it me or ms has bigger swings and variance than bs? due to the fact that you tend to put all your stack in with somewhat worse holdings.

      Ty in advance.
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    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey summoner

      1. In what position are we 3betting 88 vs late position? sometimes it is ok to call 88 vs a late raise say if you're in the blinds. It all depends on what the flop is like. Personally I wouldn't advise stacking off w/ 88 too often especially on say 742 or something because if we get it in quite often we're up against sets overpairs and strong draws.

      2. You could start by reducing the amount of spots where you 3bet out of position that way you don't find yourself in too many uncomfortable spots and you don't get floated against a ton. Also I would advise posting some of these spots in our hand eval forums because they could be specific spots where our hand judges my give more suitable advice.

      3. I think that you can call 3bets in position w/ hands like AQo and AKo because quite often you will have villain dominated and you can float a ton. If you see a lot of guys floating a ton and it seems to work you might want to try it. Even in 3bet pots when you just call floating one may be profitable for you.

      4. I don't think the swings are bigger. It might seem this way because you are getting into more all in situations than if you were playing BSS but remember that in BSS when you do get it all in it's for twice as much or thereabouts.