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push/fold questions

    • Summoner88
      Joined: 24.04.2013 Posts: 4
      Hello , sometimes i play the 0.50$ 360 man turbo on stars and i had always wonder if my desperate stack strategy is fine. my questions

      1. do you ever adjust your 12bb or less strategy for such fast tournaments? when i say adjust i mean something like pushing very very wide instead of your standar unexploitable optimal pushing? i find it impossible to keep up with such fast structure pushing unexploitably or even wider than that.

      2. if you are UTG with 5bb , how wide do you push? is it preferable to push 27o to maintain your fold equity rather than take a hit from the blinds but go to showdown with a better hand? if you prefer to take the hit from the blinds what hands do you plan to race with until the next big blind hit you?

      3. how wide do you push over a limper in late position with 20bb , 12-10bb and 6-5bb respectively? assuming you dont have reads on the limper.

      4. i see a lot of people prefer going all in instead of raising around 15-20 bb on late position , if thats true what range is good for this?

      ty in advance.
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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,180
      Hey Summoner88 :)

      1.: I won't adjust my pushing ranges because of the structure. At least not primarily. The most important factors that can alter a range are your opponents, as well as ICM calculations. The structure itself can make a small difference, but in the end it won't change too much for me.

      Pushing a wider range is always an option if your opponents are calling tighter then they should (which is the case quite often).

      2.: I would simply push according to nash ranges. For 5BB (M of 2) it suggests
      22+, A2s+, A9o+, K9s, KJo+, Q9s+, QJo, J9s+, T9s

      You may adapt the range to your opponents. If they are calling tighter you can push a bit wider. However, 72o won't be part of my range ever when pushing from UTG with a M of 2.

      After the blinds hit me I will still not lose my patience and keep on pushing according to my position as well as my stack. I am obviously not able to deliver you a range for every possible scenario. At the same time there can't be a range that makes sense for all positions.

      3.: Without a read I will push fairly tight. However, even with less then 20 hands you should be able to have a read on his play style. If he is a frequent limper I will push very wide with 12BB+. If you have less your fold equity won't be too good. Therefore I wouldn't push extremely wide. Most likely I would just ignore the limper and push my standard open pushing range from this position.

      Attention: If a regular starts open limping all of a sudden he will very often have a monster. Therefore you should be very careful in these situations.

      4.: Depends on your personal play style as well as your postflop skills and your opponents. Against very active opponents a push might make sense with parts of your range or even your whole opening range.

      Personally I wouldn't open push a lot as long as I have more then 15BB.
      The ranges depend on different factors again. For example exact position, opponents stats, bubble factor, exact stack sizes. Therefore I can't give you a valid answer.

      If you have any further question or need some clarification feel free to ask!

    • Summoner88
      Joined: 24.04.2013 Posts: 4
      Thanks for the answers.

      I was thinking when i played the 360 man with the 3 min structure that when i try to push according to nash i usually end up with very low m something like 2 or less and i end up pushing very wide anyway , if you are going to do a negative ev push most of the time out of neccesity wouldnt be better to do it with more chips? if i push very wide at 10bb its better than end up pushing the same at 3-5 bb because if i double up at 10bb it will also boost the ev of my future +ev hands because i will get more chips with them , also it will allow me to survive much longer , i believe gto pushing ranges are tight and icm doesnt take into account the speed of the tournament , although an unexploitable push is better than a negative push , a negative push is better than death , of course i may be wrong in my theory , i dont know , i will try both ways anyway.
    • PriscoInline
      Joined: 05.05.2012 Posts: 326
      I tend to do a -ev push in a situation like you said (5bb UTG) if I believe the table is tighter than normal. Depending on your cards, it may be better to wait for a random hand on BB and try doubling up.
      Just my 2 cents, I believe I'm a big MTT fish anyway :)