Withdrawing when deposit bonus is active.

    • tommygecko
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      I'm abit confused. When I tried to cash out, I was warned that I won't be eligible for my active deposit bonuses if I cash out. However based on the terms on Pokerstars website it specifically mentions that I won't be able to make anymore qualifying deposit bonuses if I cash out. However, it does not state that any existing bonuses will be retracted.

      Anyone knows if I can cash out without invalidating my deposit bonus?
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      Hey tommygecko,

      Existing bonuses will not be retracted as far as I'm aware (unless they have changed their policy which I highly doubt) I've seen this warning before but I believe if you withdraw it makes you ineligible for any new deposit bonuses that may be running (such as 100k depositor freerolls etc)

      As always, PokerStars support would be the best people to ask but I belive I am correct here.

      All the best,