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Zoom or regular tables?

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    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      Hi there ReStart37

      The differences between zoom and regular tables are overestimated imo. I've seen people saying it has higher variance, and that it plays completely differently and in my experience at least that isn't exactly accurate. The main differences are:
      1) It is slightly tighter than average, partly because it attracts people who want to get volume in and thus the field will be slightly tougher, and also because people can just quick fold more marginal hands and wait for stronger ones.

      2) People quickfold their blinds too much, so we can often steal a bit wider.

      3) Assuming you will be playing the lower zoom limits (I can't speak for higher than nl25) then the player pool will often be over 200 people at any given moment. That means table dynamics sort of goes out the window as long as you keep playing against different players, so there is no huge problem with 3betting 4 hands in a row (if necessary!) at zoom where you are always at a different table. At a regular table you would run into the obvious problem that most likely people will stop folding to you. That is just an example, but I'm sure you see the point :)

      Which one is best to get started? It depends on what your goals are, but why resign yourself to either 1 or the other? Variety is the spice of life after all. Regular tables are definitely great to play because you will get a better feel for image and table dynamics, along with note taking and adjusting to players which is such a valuable and important skill. On the other hand, at zoom you will probably get in a ton of volume and thus gain experience much quicker which is equally important for learning. Of course at zoom the quicker you gain stats and reads on your opponents, the better you'll play against them, just you won't be able to do this as quickly as on normal tables.

      In my opinion then you should play both formats and don't limit yourself exclusively to one or the other.

      Hope that helps!
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      Hey ReStart37,

      I would totally agree with Lewis.

      There has been a few different threads on this topic:

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      Hope this helps,