fatal 2800

    • racenutalways
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      Well, got this elephant thingy and all I get is "Fatal 2800: password authenticatin failed"

      It worked for one day, when lauching it asks to create a databasa, which was already done. Don't know where to go from here.

      Am I better off to just use PokerTracker? The hud just blocks too much when I multitable, can the Hud be turned off and only use it when needed, like clicking the opponents name?
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    • TheBrood
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      Recently Elephant stopped working for me. It froze at the "Initializing database" screen.

      I uninstalled Elephant and Postgre

      Reinstalled Elephant and the patch.

      Got the "cant connect to xxx.xx.xx.xxx" error

      Read the "cant connect to xxx.xx.xx.xxx" thread and did everything there.

      Now I get a "Fatal error 2800" error.

      Should I be using Poker Tracker?
      How long does Poker Tracker work?

      Its frustrating since I was just getting the hang of Elephant.
    • TheBrood
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      Any idea when we can get an answer? Thanks in advance.
    • galam
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      Well that error indicates that your user/pw combination is not correctly. Please make sure you enter the correct data. If you forgot your data you have to manually reinstall postgreSQL. Please stick to your deinstallation guide!

      Greets Sebastian