Test run of the new Tell-a-Friend system starts October 1

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      As we previously announced, our Tell-a-Friend system will be getting some (hopefully positive) changes made to it over the next month.

      One essential part of these changes is the introduction of a new reward distribution; having run a lot of numbers over the past few months we believe no one will earn less than they were before.

      We even hope these changes will kick some additional life into the entire TaF system that will lead to increased individual incomes.

      To collect real-world data and check our predictions, we'll be introducing the new system for a test run starting on October 1.

      All referrals registering from October 1 will have the new system applied.

      The new TaF reward system

      New Tell-a-Friend referrer rewards
      StrategyPoints TaF Money

      StrategyPoints TaF Money
      1 $1 600 $5
      25 $1 700 $5
      50 $1 800 $5
      75 $1 900 $5
      100 $1 1,000 $5
      200 $5 2,000 $50
      300 $5 3,000 $50
      400 $5 5,000 $100
      500 $5 20,000 $250

      Other planned changes

      As well as to several changes to the PokerStrategy.com website itself, which aim to get higher conversion rates and to help you turn your referrals into active players, we're working on three larger topics:

      1. You can buy poker software using your TaF balance
      2. You can buy a poker bonus using your TaF balance
      3. You can buy a shop package using your TaF balance

      This should be possible with any amount in your TaF balance, even if it's below $50.

      What do you think?
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