Online Poker rooms using webcams?

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      Hello all,

      I'm sure people have thought of/discussed this before, but I was just wondering what some of you guys here at PS think about this.

      Specifically, I'm wondering if people would be interested, or at least willing to entertain the idea of playing online poker whilst a webcam is focused on yours and your opponent's faces - I'd imagine it sort of like instead of having an avatar next to each player's name, you would have a little box with the person's live image there. Now, obviously, that would be pretty damn small to be useful, however, with the continual progress of technology, more and more people are using bigger and bigger monitors/screens - where it might be more feasible.

      Given the fact that most computers these days have built-in, hi-resolution webcams and the popularity of Skype and video chat technologies, it just struck me that the idea could be certainly do-able and within the reach of most computer users - or at least within the near future as smaller and smaller cameras with excellent hi-res capabilities are becoming more affordable and therefore more prevalent/commonplace as standard system hardware.

      Maybe some poker rooms could introduce a few 'webcam' tables to test it out? I guess it probably would not be very conducive to multi-tablers, but maybe a tryout on a heads-up table or something to see if it would be viable?

      I don't know, I mean, even if you could get some standards going, like everyone at the table has to have a minimum resolution and/or min. framerate, etc., I guess I'm on the fence as to whether or not it would even be worth it ...

      ... I'm sure in the future we'll probably have virtual poker rooms where a complete 3d holographic body image of ourselves is all broadcast into our virtual reality glasses as we sit on the couch and make air gestures to manipulate our cards at a virtual poker table ...
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