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About first SnG article

    • LinkciscoRNMD
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 1
      About the article:

      1)It defines the 'Strong straight draw' as:
      "Your cards and the community cards give you 4 cards in a row."
      But, what happens with the "A234" and "JQKA" hands?
      They are 4 in a row but they don't have the potential of the other straight draws, are they 'Strong straights' anyway? I think it should be specified.

      2) The handout pdf doesn't specify how much you have to raise in the situations of the 'Chart 1', it would be useful to add that information as it is in the article and the video.
      ("Tip: Always raise to around 3 times the big blind + 1 big blind for every player who called before you. If you are raising after somebody else’s raise, make it around 3 times his raise.")

      Sorry about my English, if I made any mistake I would greatly appreciate your correction.

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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
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      Hi, LinkciscoRNMD

      Welcome to !

      Yes, you're right. to be considered a "strong" straight draw, it should be open at both ends so that 2 cards can complete it. In this case you have 8 outs.
      Typically this is called an "Open-Ended Straight Draw" -- OESD for short.

      If only 1 card can complete your straight, so you have only 4 outs.
      This is called an "Inside Straight Draw" or "Gutshot"

      There is another type of straight draw with 8 out.
      This is called a "Double Gutshot" -- it looks like this:
      5 _ 7 8 9 _ J

      Let's say you hold J9o and the board is the 5 7 8
      Either a 6 or a T makes the straight, so even though it isn't open-ended, it is still a strong straight draw.

      Best of luck,

      PS: Your English is fine.
    • Zhah001
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