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The power of table image

    • DirtyDunton
      Joined: 15.07.2012 Posts: 13
      I have been playing online for about a year as a slightly better than a break even player. Something I have really picked up on (at least in the low limits games) is that playing TAG has some major benefits in the later stages of sit n gos.
      I have had so many games now where I had poor starting hands in the early stages of a game so I would essentially not play until mid stage.
      Even in the mid stages I will play very selectively depending on the texture of the game. I usually only play to steal the occasional blind to at least maintain my stack, of course unless I get a quality hand.
      By the late stages when stealing blinds becomes rampant I still don't have to be overly aggressive because my tight "table image" allows me to take down less pots and gain a greater amount of chips. If someone is aggressive with blind stealing and I will often re-raise when I think the time of right. Not only do I take down the pot most of the times, but his raise will end up in my stack. Instead of me having to steal many blinds, my re-raising will give me greater gains with less plays. This strategy is extremely effective at the low limits. I had a guy in my last game make a steal attempt at least 7 times raising 3 times the BB and I would re-raise 3 times his raise. This bolstered my stack substantially and instill fear into his mind. He eventually gave up and stopped trying to take my blinds. When you couple this strategy with the occasional blind steal you can easily money from my experience.

      This strategy is my bread and butter.
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