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      Hi, pokerheads! I`m 26 years old poker player originally from Latvia, currently living in Scotland.
      There are two major reasons why I`m starting this blog:

      :club: To log my goals and stay focused on them because I seriously need to improve my productivity as I have a full time job so my free time is quite limited.

      :club: To show you all and my self how it`s done!

      I picked poker back up couple of months ago, after I had played for about two years and then quit it for another two. But you now the saying: you don`t quit poker, poker quits you. And it certainly had not quit me. I think the major reason why I picked poker back up is that my mind just could not accept the fact that I was unable to beat it. I know I can, I just have to make it happen.

      I specialize in No Limit Full Ring Holdem, playing 40bb strategy, currently @NL25.

      I have figured out pretty much all I need to do in order to reach my goals, so lets start by stating them:

      :spade: I will beat FRNL25 by the end of this month (October as written) with at least 11bb/100 winrate.
      :spade: I will beat FRNL50 by the end of this year (2013) with at least 9bb/100 winrate.
      :spade: I will beat FRNL100 by April 2014 with at least 9bb/100 winrate.
      :spade: I will work out and stick to progressive lifestyle plan which includes:
      :heart: exercise and workout routine;
      :heart: healthy eating;
      :heart: proper sleeping;
      :heart: mind refreshing activities.
      :spade: I will log all my progress in this blog and update it every day.
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      Ok, so todays challenge:

      :diamond: Conspect last three videos I have left to learn from. I spent all this week learning from videos and these are last three with most content, about 1.5h in lenght together.
      Iexpect it to be 4-5h work.

      :diamond: Have a 5 km run.

      Tomorrows challenge:

      :diamond: Go to gym and have a light workout (about 1h)
      :diamond: Sort and print out my opening, 3bet and 4bet charts
      :diamond: Go through all material I have learned this week, categorize it, review all example hands, all the things that need to be considered in certain spots and so on.
      :diamond: When #2 challenge complete, take the tests of my materials. If I make a mistake go back and relearn that material till I get it right.
      :diamond: Once all set and done play some 3h session and eventually implement stuff I learned in my game.