[Blog] Can I change my life?

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      Hi guys

      WARNING: My longest post ever coming !!!

      My name is Michal and I've been around for almost 4 years now, posting in czech part of the forums, but since nobody there plays what I play AND because I study english (in business) in college, I decided to launch a blog here ...


      I began playing poker when I turned 18 with PSGY's $50 bankroll on Full Tilt (way before black friday)....I obviously busted it, not using bankroll management at all, then I moved to Everest and started grinding their free SNGs, making some cents, I enjoyed poker very much, so I saved some cash IRL and deposited $36 on Full tilt......

      NOTE: there are tournaments missing - I hit rush MTT for $2,1k 2 weeks before shut down of FTP and for some reasons they are not reported on Sharkscope....

      I cashouted a lot a left $500 to play with - and then FTP shut down for more than a year...

      so I moved to Stars...

      I played all kind of SNGs and MTTs with safe BRM

      Graphs look quite look right?

      Biggest problem was my IRL money management - I spend all of it, most of it for useless things, unnecessary food and stuff and there was a period of time where I was going to casinos to gamble - I managed to get out before it was too late - that was two years ago - nice life experience if nothing else...

      As you can see in my Stars graph I am almost breakeven for last couple thousand games, I even wanted to quit poker for good several times, cashing out everything only to deposit again later with really bad mindset...

      Which brings us to...


      I realized a ton of things I was doing all wrong, almost everything was mindset/psychology related, I dare to say I think my A game can be pretty solid sometimes :)

      One thing I needed to do the most was to not count poker roll as part of my RL money - in order to do so I left only 20 bucks on Stars and decided to move humbly to the lowest stake possible and playing only one type of game....my favourite....HU SNGs...regular speed (yes that's right - not hypers) - I knew the 1.5 stake is extremely soft and the chance of busting would be low even with only 13 buy ins....and I also knew IF I would bust it, it would not hurt me financially and I would quit poker for good probably.

      Bust out didn't happen....

      (oh yeah I am using PT3)

      I am now sitting on almost $70 roll (I was ITM in 30k weekly freeroll and won two 3.5 HUs - I didn't play them until I was over 50 bucks deep)

      I feel that having a blog could help me even more with everything, that is why I am writing all this....

      OK enough text for today, I will set some goals later - thanks very much to anyone who will read this, feel free to leave any comment...

      Mikeš :)
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    • MikesekCZE
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      Only 10 games played yesterday, went 7:3 which is fine, but the volume is laughable,...

      :diamond: Goals for next 7 days :diamond:
      :club: At least 15 games per day :club:
      (current average is 5 matches/day I mean come on)
      :club: Play the Chrome freeroll :club:
      (there is a risk free chance to boost my roll so why not)
      :club: Stay on 1.5s till you have 30BIs for next stake :club:
      (30 is maybe too safe, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable on 3.5s now)

      Summary: Games played total: 107 | Net won: $44.62