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Woman grind STT SNG

    • Time2Grind
      Joined: 04.10.2013 Posts: 4
      Hey all!

      So I was searching the net trying to find some blogs to follow and must say I was inspired. I think it's a really good idea to share my idea my results etc.

      I think this will keep me motivated, focused and accountable.

      A bit about me. 19 year old female from Australia. Fairly new to poker compared to most.

      About 6 months ago I was bored and decided to deposit $50 onto 888 for some fun. Basically didn't know much was a fish but like I said I did it for a bit of entertainment (chronic gambler in me).

      I didn't know much about the game but just playing I was so so interested in it.

      Losing, losing, losing I soon found some new entertainment in online casinos roulette, blackjack the lot! Haha.

      Recently poker popped back in my head and I thought what if I really put some effort into educating myself with the game. Always been good with numbers etc. I did a bunch of research, videos, articles and educated myself a lot about the game. But this all means nothing if I don't put it into practise right?

      So I decided to put my last $150 to my name into Pokerstars. After doing some searching I found pokerstars to have good rewards system, software etc. And I definitely did not want to deposit on 888 there is just something about that site maybe the low standard of software (IMO) that just really doesn't inspire me.

      Sorry for the 888s but Pokerstars sh!ts all over 888 in terms of professionalism etc just my opinion. I understand 888 might be better for softer games etc but hey gotta want to look forward to logging in haha.

      OKAYY so lets get into like I said deposited $150 into Pokerstars.

      Wanted to get a feel for the different games. I feel I needed to find one type of game I feel suits me and my style of play and go for that. I feel for my low level of experience its best to try and become great at one type instead of 'not bad' at a lot of types, also the education side of things will be a lot more dense and can really get into the nitty gritty of the game. So I made the decision to risk some of my BR in order to find what type of game interests me and I can stay focused in.

      Result. Single table sngs. Was playing the normal ones but mannnnn they take forever so turbo is what I am liking very much. Have only done a few hypers I just seem to feel really nervous and pressured to make some moves in order to increase chips to last.

      THE PLAN:

      Current bankroll/starting bankroll $130 (lost $20 due to experimenting).

      14 day challenge to make bankroll $200.

      Why 14 days well..The software I am trialling ends in 14 and would love for this to pay for it!

      It doesn't end there. Whether I met this goal or not the grind will continue!! Have a lot more plans for the rest of this year and 2014!! But I thought I start with a small short goal and at in longer ones as I go. I understand that this may not be long enough due to variance etc. But if that ends up being the cause then I will cross that bridge when I get there I think! And whether that be "variance" or I am just a sh!t player well we can cross that one later too!

      If anyone has any training site recommendations please suggest (paid and free suggestions welcomed)

      I will be starting with 1.50 turbo stt sng. Every session I will start with one table and increase when I feeling I am "in the zone" basically warm myself up. I am a beginner and one thing I don't want to do is run before I can walk. I am fine with very low stakes $1.50 sngs and am not tempted to go up stakes until I feel I am over rolled and am killing the $1.50's.

      Next 2 weeks GOALS!

      -Play and average of 3 hours per day.
      -Watch at least 1 training video per day
      -Read at least 2 articles
      -Post on here at least once per day.

      I really hope you guys follow: win, lose or draw (breakeven). Despite my limited BR and micro stakes game I am very serious about this :) And really hope one day I can be writing this blog but as a high rolllerrrrr woop woop!

      haha peace! xoxo
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    • herekPL
      Joined: 13.05.2007 Posts: 6,181
      Try Knockout stt, really easy and more $ there.
      Read all arts here, watch some vids (they'r old but still good for newbs).
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,083
      Hey Time2Grind,

      As a fellow Aussie I will definitely be following your progress.

    • SokAr85
      Joined: 08.03.2007 Posts: 59
      Good luck with your goals, will follow your progress.
    • dragobeteeee
      Joined: 04.07.2012 Posts: 64
      Good luck! :)
    • Time2Grind
      Joined: 04.10.2013 Posts: 4
      Originally posted by herekPL
      Try Knockout stt, really easy and more $ there.
      Read all arts here, watch some vids (they'r old but still good for newbs).
      Thank you will check them out!

      Thanks all for the replies!

      All starts tomorrow I am so excited off to bed now. Goodnight and sweet pokerrrr dreams!
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 11,423
      Hi, Time2Grind,
      Welcome to !

      In your first post you said, "If anyone has any training site recommendations please suggest (paid and free suggestions welcomed)"

      Well this is it.

      We have Strategy Articles for all levels, as well as a host of videos.

      As a basic member, you have access to the entry-level material.

      After taking the quiz you will begin to move up through the levels.

      Along the way, be sure to check out the free poker money.

      As a beginning poker player, I highly recommend the the beginner's course. It lays out the material in a logical progression that is easy to follow.

      Other benefits here are live coaching sessions and when you are bronze level or higher, you can post hands in the hand evaluation forums to be reviewed by professional hand judges.

      Best of luck ! I look forward to reading your blog...
    • Time2Grind
      Joined: 04.10.2013 Posts: 4
      Thank you VorpalF2F will defs be checking it out!

      Okay so day one completed!

      Interesting day started my day of with the last of experimenting. I tried out the knockout sng. Didn't enjoy them as much as I tend to enjoy 6max a lot more. Was frustrated with lack of action I'm used to in 6max.

      I was in the red so I went straight to my turbo stt 6max. Did well get back up the loses and ended up in profit.

      Hand of the day:

      First hand of stt sng I got AA, ended up all in with a 3 way pot with KK and QQ. My aces held up and I tripled up haha. Had that feeling that a Q or a K was gonna come on the turn or river but was allll good!

      Not too much of a crazy day I need to learn to be in control more. Last night I realised the stress I am going to be under in terms of money these next few weeks so I tended to be a lot more 'risky' the first hour or so and this is most likely the cause of a slight down swing in the morning. That and I didn't have my morning coffee! Haha.

      I don't think I should force myself to play when I'm not feeling it I just seem to go into 'not caring mode' and make stupid moves. And it's like I know what the result will be of this 'all in' but I click the button anyway. So weird.

      -Played a total of 4 hours today.
      -A few poker videos with I will finish my night on as well.
      -And a couple of interesting articles.

      Current bank roll: $139
      Profit: $9

      Also due to hit a $10 tomorrow so that will help also.

      I think my play is solid and when I am patient it is like that only this that can stop me is a few suckouts. But like I said I get in these moods (us women huh?) and I am just 'bitchy' on the tables trying to call peoples bluffs with nothing etc.

      Hoping I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow and can crush it!!

      Thank you all! Mwah!
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,083
      Nice post lol.

      If you don't feel like or aren't motivated to play, there are 2 approaches:

      1) Don't play

      2) Do something you enjoy or something that relaxes you before you start session. Anything that puts you in a positive frame of mind. This could be reading, watching a DVD, listening to fave music or even scratching you're arse. (If that makes you feel positive) :P

      A lot of good regs have set routines to go through before they play. I they can't complete their routine to their satisfaction, then they don't play.

      If you check through the forum, you will find plenty of blogs regarding STT SnGs. My favourite atm is 20,000 sngs in October !!!!!

      Well worth checking out.

      Happy grinding.