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October Challenge: 50k hands ZOOM

    • TopLaner
      Joined: 06.09.2013 Posts: 25
      Dear fellow poker strategists,


      My name is Cornelis. I'm an attractive guy living in The Netherlands. I'm 20 years old, and recently fell in love with poker.

      I'll quickly explain my name. I'm a semi-addicted LoL player. I'm maining top lane in Diamond division on the EUW server.

      Like most of you I made a few deposits, won a few bucks with SNG's/MTTs, which is why I immediately thought I was the best player in the world and wasted it all in a matter of minutes. I refused to even think about my mindset and pokerskills and did this a few times. Just recently I faced the fact my game isn't good - at all. I read some basic articles and assumed this would give me a huge edge on the micro's. Well, it clearly didn't. I didn't even apply the basic strategy. Mostly, it was just gambling.

      However, I managed to slap myself in the face - mentally, that is - and I am 100% motivated to become a decent player at the micro's. This year. 2013.

      When I want to do something, I just do it. No excuses. Not enough time? Sleep less and/or plan better. Not enough motivation? Just get over it.

      Starting with a deposit of $100.


      :spade: Play 50,000 hands on ZOOM in october. No matter what.
      :heart: Play two tables until comfortable enough to three/four-table.
      :diamond: At least one hour of strategy, once in the two days. Most likely more in the first week. This includes; articles, videos, books and reviewing.
      :club: Decent BRM. 25 buyins = shot on new limit ;; 20 buyins = back to previous limit

      I only read the basic articles on NL2. But I can not seem to find any articles based on the rush variant. People say it's pretty different from regular tables. Which videos/articles are a must? I prefer videos over articles, since I'm a terrible reader.

      Best regards,


      PS. I'll start tomorrow, hoping to get some response on which videos/articles are a must soon so I can study before playing.
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    • TopLaner
      Joined: 06.09.2013 Posts: 25
      No one, really?
    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,682
      Hey TopLaner,

      Great to see you've created a blog, and sorry I didn't see it earlier!

      To be completely honest, playing on Zoom isn't that different. You'll generally find that players are on average a bit tighter than on regular tables. However, aside of that almost all concepts for standard tables apply for Zoom tables.

      One thing you'll find is that table dynamics for Zoom are much different than regular tables. It'll take quite a while before you get a good sample on players.

      As far as articles are concerned, I can recommend taking the Beginner's Course, which will walk you through the fundamentals of NLHE cash games. Though the first few lessons focus on FR play, the same concepts apply for SH as well, if you prefer playing SH (which I personally do).

      Also, we have been releasing a lot of new articles and videos. You can find an overview here.

      And last but not least, you're Dutch (like me) and the same age as me, so you deserve this:

      Will be following this! So please keep updating and asking any questions you may have :)

      Kind regards,