Phil Gordons - Little Blue Book

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      I recently picked this book up and have been sifting through it whilst meant to be working. :D

      I thought id write a short review of it.

      The book is a compilation of hands played in different situations such as, Cash Games, Tourneys (Early, Middle and Late play), final tables, sit & go's and satellites.

      Each hand is evaluated methodically and in just enough detail to give you the full picture but not bore you. A very good read and has to improve your game if you absorb the info provided, certain things he goes through will really help you.

      A breif example hand from the book;

      (Theres a graphic of the table with basic descriptions of reads from players)

      Pocket Aces, i stop surfing the web immediately and give the hand my full attention, of course. Pocket Rockets and they couldnt come at a better time.
      What would you do?.
      From middle position ill open with a standard raise. I raise to $480, 3 times the big blind. Im mildly disappointed when everyone folds, until DownLowe in the small blind opts to call. Theres $1120 in the pot.

      - The Flop - 2h Ts 6d

      DownLowe checks to me.

      I do not like to slowplay in this situation. I seriously doubt shes called me with anything that has straight potential here, but theres a flush draw out there and i dont have the Ah. Im going to bet. THe only question is how much?. What would you do?.

      I bet the pot. I dont think the size of the bet ($1120) with scare her into folding a pair of tens and shes going to have to think long and hard before calling with a flush draw.

      DownLowe takes her time then calls. The pot is $3360.

      When i bet and a good player calls i start to sweat.

      The Turn - Kh

      Thats an ugly card for me....(phil explains his thought process and why he only checks after downLowe Checks to him).

      for the rest buy the book ;) im tired of typing.

      After every hand he provides a key analysis in this case;

      When a scare card hits the turn, its often okay to relinquish the lead to your opponent. And do your best not to go broke with one pair!.
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      The strategy articles on are probably much more useful than that book.

      Concerning the AA hand: you shouldn't be surfing the web while playing poker, and you definately shouldn't only pay attention when you have AA...

      Also, betting full pot isn't necessary there imo.

      The description of the AA hand is actually kind of weird, as the bet sizes mean it's probably not a cash game, but you didn't say anything about stack sizes, which you need to make decisions in MTTs/sngs, as one can't assume that the stacks are 100BB.

      And I don't think simply categorising someone as a 'good player' is very useful, you should find out what the player's tendencies are.
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      Originally posted by Urbanen
      - The Flop - 2h Ts 6d

      ....but theres a flush draw out there and i dont have the Ah.
      Was there a typo above? There's a backdoor flush draw (3 of them) in that hand, but no flush draws.

      This book is one of the ones in my latest batch from Amazon. It's not arrived yet, but I do like Phil Gordon's writing style (from his other books). He's easy to read. He writes in a pretty conversational manner, which I like.
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      I read this book. Good reading as entertainmentn but pretty useless as strategy material IMO.
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      do you have little blue book in pdf format i dled green one but cant find blue
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      anything by phil gordon + phil hellmuth will make you worse :(
    • Kruppe
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      the pain! nooooo!
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      Originally posted by sliggy
      anything by phil gordon + phil hellmuth will make you worse :(
      Agree. They should spend book together. :D