stats 1$ / 2$ after 10K hands

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    • ciRith
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      Hi danielasso,

      I see no reason to play more loose on this limit as the rake is prett high.
      The wts is indeed a bit low but this can be easily just vairance so don't give up yet. You aren't losing money anyway so don't be too worried yet. :)
    • danielasso
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      Ty ciRith
    • tomzyb
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      Loose is better...
      My second attempt on 1/2 showed so much better results than first one (-700$ in 20k hands).
      I know the included quite a terrible bad run, but still, raise and 3-bet preflop more, opponents will be more willing to fold postflop, and calldown more in HU and 3-handed spots, allso important.

      The time i tried this limit i played like VPIP/PFR/WTSD: 21/16/34
      And the second time (this month, 13.5k hands): 24/19/38, although i ran good, only one small downswing of 120BB, overall +1000$ so far.

      But my point is, i figured out it is very important to be as much aggressive as you can be preflop considering charts (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, considering the opponents you try to steal from or isolate), makes you better postflop fold equity (by this i specially mean 3-bets against raisers, which i didnt use enaugh in the past).
      And the other point is not being too shy to go to the showdown with shitty pairs and A-high sometimes in HU (mostly) spots.

      I think the rake doesnt have anything to do with it, becuse if you earn that extra little profit by little better game it's still better than the normal (lower) profit.
      And the point is to get better and better which will allow you move up in limits, where small better moves over your opponents will present bigger part in your earnings.

      I think one very important thing from my own expirince so far is that you should really be used of $ amounts, that allways doubles when going up. I played 20k hands and i still didnt like it, so i went back to 0.5/1 and played it till i got really annoyed by the stakes thinking how much more i could earn one limit higher. So after that i moved up and now i am not shy of putting in the 3rd bets and stuff like that.
      Just try it and you'll se the difference.
    • danielasso
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      Interesting ;)

      I play against loose players. I select loose table everytime: I want at least 2 very loose players on the table ( possibly fish :D )

      So I dont have too much fold equity against they.
      That's the problem.
      Have I to select more tight tables, to have more fold equity ?

      I play on FTilt, and I win about 1.50$ / 100 hands ( Rakeback )
      is not bad for me ...

      But in the future I have to try another poker room. On FTilt there are a lot of good LAGs and TAGs play 1$/2$ and I think the field will be very hard from 2$/4$
    • danielasso
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