Dear members,

we are currently evaluating, whether it could make sense to offer a VIP event in Asia at some point in the future.

We know that many of our members from all over the world are regularly travelling or have even settled down permanently in Southeast Asia. We imagine that a location like Thailand could possibly attract many PokerStrategists and would offer members of our asian communities, who cannot easily travel to our events in Europe, a better opportunity to take part in one of our events.

Organizing an event in that region would mean considerable logistic challenges. Thus, such an event could of course only happen, if there is enough interest from members who are actually able to obtain one of our higher user statuses (at least Platinum+).

Please note, that we are not even in a planning phase. Before we can take this idea any further we need to get an overview over the general interest in an event in that region, of course particularly from members who are able and willing to earn enough StrategyPoints to qualify for such an event, and who are located in Southeast Asia or plan to travel there in the next months.
We have added a poll to this thread and kindly ask you to only participate, if this applies to you, so we can get an accurate picture.
Making considerable efforts to organize such an event and having to cancel it at a late stage because of too few registrations would mean that we have to discard any such idea for the foreseeable future. We would hate that as much as you would!

We also want to encourage you to share your feedback in this thread, both about the idea in general and how you imagine where exactly such an event could take place and what it could look like.