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      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker? (Be as vague or specific as you want with this one, but try to think of all the reasons and elaborate on them.)

      Fun, mostly. I'm a pretty competitive online gamer. Being smarter, quicker or just better than the opponents gives me this feeling of confidence. That's what I want to do in poker, too. Outplaying my opponents. Also, playing NL25/NL50 would be a nice amount of money - but it's not my main goal. I have a steady income with a lot of free time.

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker? (What are the mistakes you know you are making during your games? Are you playing while you're tired? Are you tilting easily? Want to see the showdown too much? Write down as many as you think are affecting you.)

      My biggest weakness overall is my postflop game. I tend to open loose because I'm playing ZOOM 6MAX. I'm feeling this works, since these tables are a little bit tighter than regular tables. But, I'm too confident with my hands. Preflop I give them a range, which is pretty accurate most of the time, but, however, once I get to the flop I just seem to forget about this range I gave them. For example, I think opponent has QQ, I got KK. Flop is Q4J. I won't fold my hand, even though I'm pretty sure he has QQ. He shows his pockets, and I just start tilting.

      99% of the time I tilt because of my own mistakes. I can handle losing 70/30 flips - that's poker, right? But I can not forgive my own stupidity. Every time I swear to never do this again, but I just keep on going.

      Basically, I think I know how to play (pretty well, for the NL2 stakes), but I overplay my cards A LOT.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive? (Describe in your own words what playing tight aggressive is and why does it work.)

      It means opening a shorter range of hands and playing them aggressive, like it says. It works because you only play hands you feel comfortable with against their range, and think you win most of the hands. You play aggresively to get as much value out of your hands, because of the many folds you can not afford to pick up blinds only or very small pots.
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