About FPP 6-max hyper sats

    • grayarea
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      Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I recently realised that I have some FPPs that I should maybe do something with.
      I was looking at the 6-max hyper Sunday Storm satellites. I guess the field might be a bit soft in the 235 FPPs for a 6-max grinder like me, or is there something else I should do? They only do 235 and 4500 FPP in this format?
      What are the most important things to consider when adjusting from 65,35 turbo to 50,50 hyper? Thanks.
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    • RedStarUltras
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      i think that these 235ffp satellites are best way to spend them for micro limit players....
      for example in last four times i succeded to get in the prize.And thats 44$ for 1000fpps.
      And yeah field is very soft.All you need to do to wait for good cards in early stage and push.And also if everyone is folded before me and i am on small blind i allways push with any two....