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Downswing at PokerStars

    • Valle1979
      Joined: 23.08.2008 Posts: 10
      Hi All.

      Im sitting here chokeing on my coffee. The last couples of days i have lost 40$, this is not much i know. But its not really the amount its more the way its lost.

      I follow your strategy very close, but when playing worse fishes than me, they fail badly. But for some reason its mostly on pokerstars which is due to the many fishes i think(hope).

      Well i mostly play 5$ sitngo. But i keep loosing to players going allin with 65o, 33, A2 and so on. Cards that just shouldnt be played.

      Well im not really looking for pity here, more of a hint on how to take these suckers out. Its very hard seing JJ beind pushed by 65o X(

      So i beg you, give me a hint on how to get these suckers.
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    • Backcushion
      Joined: 29.12.2007 Posts: 816

      Don't worry,you're not the only one who gets such beats and is in a bad mood because of that,maybe even on tilt.
      I have some troubles too,but the only thing you can do is read those articles and try to control yourself,also if you have another losing session,quit for the day and do something fun,maybe tomorrow is a better day.

      It's a part of the game,we all hate it but we all love the game.
    • Valle1979
      Joined: 23.08.2008 Posts: 10
      Thanks, mate. Read em allready.

      Just very frustrating, to constantly being called by group 9 cards. not just called but people going allin, and bloody win.

      But as the articles mention. Its hard to play the game, you almost fear calling a raise, even though you know you have the upper hand.

      But ill try my best just to stick to the tactics and hope it will pay off in the long run.
    • davidangel
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 456
      From what you are saying it would appear that you are playing solid poker with minimal leaks. In $5 sng you are facing 2/3 chum and only 1/3 have half a clue how to profit from SnG or even play poker properly.

      So what you are experiencing is variance. And variance is simply a test to weed out those who lack the testicular fortitude to truly play poker and build a bankroll. The other function of variance is as an excuse for those who play bad, but are too proud to admit it.

      Stick to the tactics, adhere to the basics, post your hands, read all posts everyday, gather experience both in theory and in play. Play solid, be resolute and the variance will shift.

      When you have a good hand, play fearless, regardless of past chum who slipped your net. Plenty of fish in the poker ocean.
    • Welshdai
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 28
      I am in the same boat, but i am playing $1 s&g and the 10 cent tournys never know your luck. I am down to $26 keep :D things will turn around soon i hope :tongue:
    • Puciek
      Joined: 23.01.2008 Posts: 657
      for 5$ sngs that's not very big downswing, especialy if you are playing mtts. Relax a bit, maybe play some cashgame or some omaga to chill out.
    • slikec
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 1,155
      I lost yesterday 55$ on 1800hands playing NL25 SSS. You can not imagine how much crap i had to eat AGAIN there ;(