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      Originally posted by Phgrinder
      im trying to build a custom stat for HU sngs. need help with pt4 support
      sb pre
      -opn Jam
      bb pre
      -3b jam
      -call jam

      but i dont know where to start
      To start, your description is impossible. "Jamming" is another term for going All-In, your post has the small blind going all-in twice. Lets assume instead that the SB opened, BB went all-in (the jam), and the measurement is of the SB calling - is that correct?

      Second, do you want this to be a stat or a note? A stat tracks the percentage of time that something happens, provided that the activity can be measured along with the opportunity to take that action. A Note tracks the actual hands held, but it does not measure opportunities to take the action. Since this is an activity that rarely occurs, it seems as if a note would be easiest to use. But then there is the other issues - what effective stack sizes did this occur at? I assume you don't want this in general for all stack sizes, because it may be correct to call a wider range from the SB pretty weak if getting 2:1 - but if we are considering this for a stat, stack sizes cannot be considered, that is only for automated notes.

      If your looking for a custom stat after our guidance above, please visit our forum, we can teach you how to make the custom stat there. If you're looking instead for a NoteTracker Auto-Note as I would advise, then let us know the stack size effective that you wish to measure - I'd recommend anything over 15 big blinds, but you may have another idea to consider.