downswing or losing player? (FL)

    • G1lius
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      I'm playing 1/2 FL now, for about 3 months, and it doesn't really look like I'm a winning player. I have made some progress, I say myself, but I'm still losing.
      Here's a graph for the total 3 months:

      These are the stats for the 26k hands:

      But since I think I improved, these are my last 11k hands, wich will prolly represent the way I play now more:

      I read a lot of hands, post some hands once and a while, I surely have some flaws in my game, but if I look at how my opposition plays, I just keep wondering how on earth I can't win money...
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    • tomzyb
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      This one is ugly...

      Maybe you should make a video, so coaches can see directly how you play.

      And allso pay big attention to table and seat selection, this brought very good results for me lately. I allso play FL SH 1/2 and my stats are more or less the same.
    • One12ver
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      Try playing a lower limit till you know what is going on, and this will save you some money till then. As a FL player if this was me then I would take a break for a while, read,study and then practice at low limits(1/2c) till you find your "groove" or playing style that wins money. And PokerStrategy is a great place to read,study and learn FL. The videos from TerrorBlade are good and also the "starting hands charts". For me the starting hands chart has been the biggest game improver(?) so far. Wish you luck and please write again in the future and tell us what was the problem and what you did to improve.
    • G1lius
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      I don't really see any use in moving down in stakes, I'm still rolled for it (although it's very close) and I was beating .5/1 limit in the past.

      I didn't play yesterday, and prolly will not play unless I feel good about it, so I am on a break.
      I've seen all the low stakes FL videos on PS and stoxpoker (and those are (n/o) way better then terrorblade's), and read all the articles (till gold)...
      Gonna take some time rereading some things, but still...

      Maybe make a video if I feel like it...