Rake vs softness n structure HU sng

    • bradomurder
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      I've got a question. I'm just geting into HU sng and I have 3 options. Which is the best?

      1. play on 888, the rake is 4.7% games start 75bb deep and have 4 minute levels. Players seem to be very weak in general and it's easy to avoid anyone half decent

      2. Play on full tilt, rake is 3.57% start 50bb deep and have 3 minute blind levels. I have only played 8 games there, a couple of regs seemed better than the ones on 888 but it's hard to say and I'm guessing there's still plenty of fish

      3. Combinate both sites and wait to see which gives better results

      note: If I get a 10% ROI on 888, which I have over my tiny sample so far, it equates to a ~14% ROI on FT if I win the same % of games. If my ROI on 888 was 5%, which in the long run in it could be, on full tilt it would be about double.
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