Harder to put villiains on ranges in 6 max?

    • maca1214
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      Hi. I only ever played 6 max, never full ring. But I once heard a guy ask a pro
      in chat whether he prefers 6max or full ring and his reply was full ring because it's harder to put villains on ranges in 6 max.
      It made me wonder how true that is and also if it's true how do you combat it?
      As I say it just made me wonder and wonder what your guys thoughts are on that?
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    • DrDunne
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      I doubt it has as much to do with game format as it does with the level of competition. 6max is essentially just fullring minus the 3 earliest seats. Average vpip/pfr might be ~14/12 in a fullring game but closer to 23/21 in a 6max game for example - people are just playing looser in general and in order to do that you'll probably need to be a better player. Good players are good because people make mistakes against them and they can exploit those mistakes, so in 6max the competition is probably overall tougher on average. I don't really think 6max is a different game to fullring, it's just a different environment.

      "How do you combat it?" is probably the same as asking "how do you get better at poker?" :D
    • Tomaloc
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      no one ever has anything, so just 3barrel and 3bet/5bet preflop randomly!

      now seriously, i actually wonder if fullring is considerably softer to some extent. i mean, sometimes it feels like all the good regs are playing SH :f_biggrin: just look around...
    • patszerdonk
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      ofcourse its harder in SH than FR because people playing looser
    • mbml
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      Is SH harder than FR? Of course! The same way HU is harder than 6max. Why?
      Ranges are wider = Harder to hand-read

      SH regs are more accustomed to having wider bluffing and value betting ranges = harder to play against. On the contrary, FR players (except the best regs at mid stakes/high stakes FR games) are in general very nitty and not bluffing enough in a ton of spots.

      Why are all the best regs playing SH? Because player pool is limited at high stakes and it's way harder to form a table with 9 players as opposed to 6 players. FR virtually doesn't run. And any strong FR reg at NL100/200 who wishes to play higher would eventually switch anyway cos of the lack of action.