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cant find my way on onlinePoker

    • Skibula
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 86
      hey all
      hope some one here can help me...

      it seems i dont find my way on online poker gaming...
      on real life i make my self nice earnings.... not full paychack for life but a nice spending money... (i dont have bankroll for poker on reallife..)
      any way
      on real life i get some got money (not last time casue i have so many sucked out ... lets say a big downstream....)

      any way to my point.....

      i had 50$ on full tilt
      that i lost
      after a week i got 2.5$ rake back ..
      so i went to sng (i know im really good sng player so i tried there)
      i won first place and got my self 14$
      from here to there went into 0.25 - 0.50 cash game (i know it stupid but i spotted a fish that keep bet every hand so i thougt to my self its worth the chance...)
      from here to there i now got 90$ (all from the fish he kept throw at me money and i just took it... not alot of those players on full tilt....)
      i know it wasnt best idea every but it was a chance i wanted to take

      so i have bankroll now and i want to stop with the stupid things and not to miss my secound chance... (i know to go into the 025.050 wasnt good idea becase BRM)
      but it seems i cant find a good way to earn money from online poker....
      SSS its really not for me... i just dont love that style of play and if i dont enjoy it , whats its worth if u dont enjoy the game....

      BSS how to do? (aint silver yet so not good articels on bronze for BSS)

      i really want to earn some money in the long term and not some "luck"

      what u guys think i should do?

      i tried short hand game (6 player max cash game on 005 010 ) and that work kinda fine but not enough hands to be sure.... also SNG was good for me casue i won alot % from the SNG i played...

      how can i improve my online game...
      (i know to read articels... but i done that alone it seems i just cant find my way)

      first time i have read on pokerstrategy was..

      that its not good idea to play poker without any tactic...
      it seems i dont have one....
      i know how to play and i play good... (on real life im earning player for long time now.. i have some losses ofcurse but overall i earn )
      but its feel something is missing on my online gaming.......
      hope u can help me find it :)
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    • Amirapuato
      Joined: 08.07.2007 Posts: 1,105
      If you don't like SSS, don't play it. :)

      You don't have the bankroll for BSS, so I'd recommend you playing Fixed Limit if you want to play cash.

      Also, if you're good at SnG, why not start playing them regulary? :D
    • fun101rockets
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 1,162
      I would recommend turbo sit and gos. they are a good way to build your bankroll if u know ICM.
    • Alexd10
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 609
      Originally posted by fun101rockets
      I would recommend turbo sit and gos. they are a good way to build your bankroll if u know ICM.
      ^^ agreed, you say your good at sng's then I recommend you go with those untill you have enough points to look at the BSS articles.

      Make sure you download the ICM trainer and read all the sng articles.
      However when playing sng's make sure you have at least 35+ buyins for that limit, so if your playing the $3 sngs you should have atleast $105.

      Good luck att he tables
    • Urbanen
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 27
      If your good at SnG's then the best way to build your bankroll, to suit you, are the Double Up SnG's.

      Personally, with the double ups, because im new to SnG i start with $1 Double up, if i win $2, then $5 and stick at $5. - I do this as a basic way to reduce loss.
    • Skibula
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 86
      i have no idea what is ICM

      can some one explin or give me a link??
    • Berra
      Joined: 23.02.2008 Posts: 186
      Try the ICM trainers here .
    • Skibula
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 86
      i dont really want to change my sng style of game..
      but i will try that ICM in time...

      im really sure in my sng gaming...
      just won another one and played some more cash
      so now BR increase to 115

      i think i will try to play SH 005-010 nl cash game
      and 2$ of 18 players SNG
      and we will see how to go from there....

      i hope i will be able to take it to next step someday...
      my main goal is to take my online gaming to the highest lvl that i can....
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      icm is better than AA

      i suggest you either play sit&go or sss and since you don't like it, play sit&go
    • Hlynkinn
      Joined: 14.06.2008 Posts: 4,998
      i dont really want to change my sng style of game..

      Thats not the attitude you should have if your trynna be a successful player.
      You need to learn everything that can make your game better and what can give you an edge over your opponents...

      ICM is your key to success if you play turbo sng's

      Whatever you choose be sure it's something you have fun doing :)
    • fostie
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 75
      BSS really isnt that hard, its more about evaluating and trying to read your opponents but on the low limits (10NL in your case) that doesnt matter all too much

      play very tight utg, and loosen up a little bit when you are in late position. To give you an example, utg I'll raise AQ+ for example, utg+1 AJ+, while on the button I'll even raise A5o+ if I'm first in, or suited babyaces...

      you just need to pay close attention to your position and the position you'll be in after the flop (trying to steal with SB too often is a pretty big leak on these limits if you ask me)

      can also cbet a LOT of hands if board structure is okay (dont bet 1suit flops or closely connected boards), and you can pretty much see 2nd top pair as the nuts half the time :P

      1 rule of thumb you need to keep in mind: VALUEBET !
    • Skibula
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 86
      well im sure im good sng player

      i know its only 4 sng but on the last 4 sng of 2.5$ of 18 players
      i was in the money 3 times...
      first first and secound...
      4 time i was the buble lost with pocket king vs pocket 3

      its just the last 4
      i have alot more wins on sng from that...
      its hard for me 2 say how % from the sng i win ..
      but i guess its high....

      it just i hate that on full tilt
      i played some on stars and they have lower rake...
      and more loose players .... (i love those :) )

      while we talk a dude just called me with my full house with only a pair of 6 ( i love those loose manaycs hhhh )

      any way i hope i will find my way
      casue it seems i win some then loose some and kinda always stay even or loose ( i talk about few days of game every time.... i know its not enough...)