Hey. A bit about me. I've played poker since about 2008 from starting capital on PS. This is probably about my 8th blog on this site with only one or 2 ever really starting at all. I've jumped all around games and never really focused and worked. I've decided on NL zoom to play. I've previously played up to NL50 zoom and I was a winning player however I think was alot to do with luck. Running good/doing some things right but not knowing why or in what situation, just lucky. I didn't really study or work. I cashed most out so I'm starting at NL10 and going to try to take it seriously. I started a couple days ago, my goals are :

[ ]30k hands for this month by end of it
[ ] Review/post hands every day

One problem is I'm too results oriented in the short term so I'm going to only post results in here once a week, every sunday once I'm done playing.

Some other weaknesses I know are,
-going against what I know. I will know in a spot I should fold, however be tempted to call for that 1% chance I'd win. Its something that can ruin a whole session, grind out a good BI or 2 with well played and one big mistake sets me back to 0. Its mental discipline and something I'm having alot of trouble with lately in all parts of my life. While there are tons of fundamentals that I'm sure I don't know/have wrong, I think with mental discipline right now I would be a winning player for sure. Could I be better, yes? But I believe with my basic poker knowledge right now the mental discipline is the biggest factor at the low level I'm playing right now.