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      I start play on ipoker for a promotion of my affiliate and becouse i played dons on bwin.party and i had very good results i start to play same games - anyway jackpots and dons are the only sng that are running on ipoker .

      Anyway - since i start play i have around 400 games and minus 30 buy ins ( on bwin i never had more than 10 buy ins on 500 games ).

      But what i observed here that this software is tottaly weird becouse of :

      - if you have aa , kk qq preflop and push with them against maniacs - you loose
      - if you push on flop with top pair , 2 pairs , set etc . they win with runner runner
      - if you push on turn with 95% -98% against same persons you loose on the river.

      I dont think that i ve seen something like that in my life. Ok i am on downswing since i create my account but all "regulars" from 2.4 and 5.5 are in downswing ?

      Is no one but absolutly no regular to have a decent graph ,at least to be breakeven .

      Something is wrong with this software regarding Dons sngs ( probably cash is ok i dont know).

      Is someone who play them and they are in same situation with me?

      I know that they dont have lincesed ( theyr rng failed in some tests)- how do they operate on the market?
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