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      I recently started using sitandgo wiz on HEM2. My problem is that when I check the Nash% shove or calling ranges against equilab they don't seem top match up??

      If some extra hands are put in and some taken out then how do we ever know what hand ranges we are looking at when explained as a %?


      PU CA OC Range %
      BU pushes 39.4%, 22+ Ax+ K2s+ K9o+ Q2s+ Q9o+ J6s+ J9o+ T7s+ T9o 97s+ 87s 76s
      SB can call 2.6%, TT+ AKs
      BB can over call 0.5%, AA
      BB can call 10.7%, 66+ A8s+ A9o+ KQs
      SB can push 68.9%, 22+ Kx+ Q2s+ Q6o+ J2s+ J7o+ T2s+ T6o+ 93s+ 96o+ 84s+ 86o+ 73s+ 75o+ 63s+ 65o 52s+ 54o 43s
      BB can call 29.4%, 44+ Ax+ K5s+ K8o+ Q9s+ QTo+ JTs

      So, here we notice that SB can shove 68.9% but the range does not specify shoving with Ax? Is this because Kx+ also includes Ax or are they saying we shouldn't push Ax as villains calling range will very often consist of Ax type hands which also makes sense.
      Then we look at BBs calling range which is 29.4% and does include Ax type hands!!

      I'm just trying to get to grips with this Nash stuff, any help greatly appreciated. Any links to articles or vids also may help.

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